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Me Before You

Chapter 656

Margaret Jeff was very good. She had money but she wasn’t arrogant. She has always been very good to her relatives.

But her daughter was spoiled and proud. She has never felt that she has anything to do with the members of the Stark family. She despised the people of the Stark family from the bottom of her heart.

She wanted to go but cannot go, she immediately frowned and showed a very dissatisfied appearance.

Anna has been used to these things for a long time. At the same time, the mobile phone rang, she took it out and saw Daniel Taylor’s call. Her eyes softened.

Every time she just saw him. She felt that all the unhappiness gathered around her.

Because of him, the world seemed to become particularly beautiful.

Anna went to the corner and answered the phone. The warm voice of Daniel Taylor came, "how is your mother?"

"Still under operation."

When Anna called, her cousin looked at her mother and said, "Mom, why you are so good to them? Their family is poor. What do you want from them?"

"How do you speak?" Margaret Jeff looked at her daughter. "I’ll sew up your mouth if you speak like this again."

Anna’s cousin snorted, "You dare. I’ll go back and tell dad that you hit me."


Daniel Taylor said on the phone, "Shall I come to see you now?"

"No, they all are there.copy right hot novel pub