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Me Before You

Chapter 649

Now they let John Peter see such a scene. Alan Kevin was dying of shame.

Vanessa Cameron stood aside, did not explain, she just looked at John Peter.

John Peter said to Alan Kevin, "It’s ok."

He didn’t care about it at all.

He was shocked because he suddenly saw this kind of scene. He and Alan Kevin were best friends but he still had an embarrassment because he appeared here like this.

Vanessa Cameron looked at John Peter’s back and felt heartbroken.

Alan Kevin looked back at Vanessa Cameron, "Vanessa, are you crazy?"

This was his first kiss!

He didn’t even respond, Vanessa Cameron just hugged him and kissed him...

Fuck, he treated her as a buddy and she even kissed him!

Vanessa Cameron took a look at Alan Kevin and felt ashamed. "I’m sorry."

She didn’t want to take advantage of him.

Just today, when she saw that John Peter had kissed Anna, she was a little provoked. She thought that she had been following John Peter for so long. When he sees this kind of scene, he would have a little reaction, but unexpectedly, he didn’t care at all.

This made her feel ridiculous.

She thought that he would have some ideas about her if he stayed with him for such a long time. But unexpectedly, she was really just a passer-by.copy right hot novel pub