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Me Before You

Chapter 644

Daniel Taylor sat on the sofa, flipped over the books at hand, and heard Anna singing while bathing.


It looks like she’s happy today.

Anna took a bath, wiped her hair, opened the door of the bathroom, and bumped into Daniel Taylor’s arms.

She touched the bridge of her nose. "Sir, why are you doing standing here?"

"Waiting for you." Daniel Taylor looked at her, reached out his hand, and held her in his arms. Suddenly the atmosphere became ambiguous.

Anna looked up and looked into his eyes!

Er! Suddenly she thought, she was so pleased that she lost her own sense of measure…


Two hours later, Anna was lying in bed. She even felt unable to cry.

However, Daniel Taylor seemed very satisfied. "What’s the song that you sang in the bath today? It’s very nice."


Every time after having a relationship with him, Anna had an impulse to run away from home.

She clung to the pillow and whimpered.

Daniel Taylor held her hand and looked at her silent little cutie. "Why don’t you talk?"

Anna’s voice was very low, "I don’t want to talk. I am broken! You are a bad guy!"

"What did I do?"

Anna said, "I don’t care. Next time when I say stop, you must stop."

It was really hard to be his wife.copy right hot novel pub