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Me Before You

Chapter 634

After the call ended, Daniel Taylor asked, "What’s the matter?"

"Scolded by him." Anna shuddered. "Sir, if your friend comes to chop me, will you help me?"

Angry Robin Johnson was quite scary.

Daniel Taylor, "..."

What the hell is this?

He looked at Anna and said, "What have you done?"

Anna said, "He has a sister, you know?"

"Eliza?" Daniel Taylor has been at Johnson’s house for a long time, of course, he knew.

Anna nodded, "last time I saw her. I saw that she had been looking for Robert Peter. Last night when I had dinner, I told Robert Peter about this. I let him have a look, and Robert Peter went there today."

This was the way things were. Anna didn’t think there was anything worth hiding from Daniel Taylor.

After hearing this, Daniel Taylor took a surprising look at Anna. "You have seen Eliza, how can I not know?"

Ordinary people didn’t know that Elizabeth Johnson was still at home. This was a secret known by just very familiar people.

Mrs. Johnson has always been very concerned about his reputation. The matter that his daughter was mentally ill has been a deep secret and they didn’t want to let others know.

Anna said, "I didn’t tell you because I thought it was unimportant.copy right hot novel pub