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Me Before You

Chapter 631

Daniel Taylor sensed some kind of adultery, "who are you talking to?"

"Genius." After the last meeting, Anna’s friendship with genius seemed to be a step closer, and they frequently talked about work.

Daniel Taylor frowned, "who is genius?"

"My internet friend, you saw him last time." Anna said, "Robert Peter was introduced to me by him. He is very popular on the Internet."

"..." Anna said so and Daniel Taylor recalled.

Isn’t this the man who had some thoughts about his wife?

Daniel Taylor frowned, "You have a good relationship with him?"

"Not bad." Anna said, "We are friends, just talking about things at work." Anna didn’t think that after listening to this condition, he will be jealous of genius.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, Daniel Taylor reached over and took her cell phone.

At the same time, genius sent another message, "your old man is sleeping?"

Because they were chatting on social media, the genius didn’t worry about his words.

He and Anna had such kind of a relationship that they often teased each other and never got tired.

Daniel Taylor frowned. Old man? Is he talking about him?

Anna noticed Daniel Taylor’s frown. She took her cell phone and saw the message sent by genius. She wanted to go through the internet signal to shoot this person to death.

How can he say this? Did he call sir an old man?

She looked at Daniel Taylor and coaxed, "He’s just kidding.copy right hot novel pub