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Me Before You

Chapter 630

Before, she thought, love is just a legend, only heard, never seen.

She will not live like those women in the story, who love a person and lose themselves.

But now Anna found that she was out of control and heading for a path she disliked the most.

She remembered that she had been left in the house alone by him that day, and suddenly she was afraid that one day in the future, she would face such a scene again.

In her current situation, it was OK. She didn't have anything to worry for.

After that?

What should she do if they have children later?

After having children, if he doesn't love her anymore. What will she do?

Daniel Taylor looked at Anna and heard Anna saying, "Actually, I've been thinking about a problem these days. I'm thinking about whether you and I are suitable for each other or not. The gap between us is too big. Maybe I should stay away from you so that I won't be afraid of being abandoned by you every day. But every time I see you, I forget to think about it. I just tell myself, that I want to live with you, as long as I can. So, tell me, do I love you?"

In the end, Daniel Taylor didn't say anything for a while.

Anna was a relatively indifferent person. Even if she was not happy, she pretended to be happy as if those things did not exist. If she didn't say it, he wouldn't know at all. She used to have such a thing in her heart.

Daniel Taylor looked at her. "I'm sorry, I'm not good enough."

"I didn't want you to apologize for all this," Anna said.

It was only because he asked and she could not help saying it.

Anna said, "You don't think I'm ridiculous, do you?"

Daniel Taylor looked at her and hugged tightly. "How can you think so?"

How could he find her ridiculous when he loved her so much?

Daniel Taylor drank the coffee Anna made for him, and then carried her upstairs like a princess.

Anna was in his arms, and her legs were hanging in the air. She was afraid of falling down, so she wrapped her hands around his neck.

From this angle, he looked very handsome.

Anna asked, "Honey, have you ever carried someone like this before?"

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