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Me Before You

Chapter 628

Is this the same Mr. Taylor he knows?

Anna looked at Daniel Taylor in front of her. "In fact, I can do it myself."

Daniel Taylor squatted in front of her without making a sound and helped her to wear shoes seriously.

Under the light, Anna looked at the man who was dressed formally and looked so cold and ascetic, but helping her wearing shoes. She had an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

After putting on her shoes, Daniel Taylor said, "Get in the car."

Anna nodded, "Ok."

Daniel Taylor has just finished his work, and came to pick her up.

In the car, Anna said, "I didn't drink today."

Because there was an experience before, after that, every time Anna went out, she didn’t even dare to touch a drop of wine.

Daniel Taylor listened to her and smiled. "I can see it."

If she was drunk, he can smell it immediately.

Anna looked at Daniel Taylor, "don’t you think you should praise me?"

Her eyes were full of expectation when she spoke.

Daniel Taylor looked at her like this and smiled, "well, my baby is the best."

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