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Me Before You

Chapter 619

Mrs. Clinton looked very strict and fierce. She also showed others that she has a strong heart, but her only weakness was Mr. Clinton, who has passed away. Mrs. Clinton couldn’t get pregnant. She always felt inferior when she followed Mr. Clinton. However, Mr. Clinton never abandoned her. They didn’t have a child, but the relationship between the two has been very good. That’s why after Mr. Clinton’s death she didn’t remarry.

Indeed, the two of them really had true love.

Otherwise, an ordinary man can accept to live a life without having his own children?

Therefore, Mrs. Clinton had a deep affection for her husband.

Daniel Taylor made the discussion too emotional and sentimental that Mrs. Clinton really realized that she asked something reasonable.

She said, "I have good intentions for you. I think you have a good family, and you are a good person. I hope you can marry a suitable girl."

Daniel Taylor smiled and said, "I know my aunt's kindness, but my wife, in my heart she is the best person in the world. I am still young. With my ability, I can find a girl with a family background like me. But this is not my requirement.copy right hot novel pub