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Me Before You

Chapter 603

Anna came out of the bathroom after washing her hands and saw Daniel Taylor standing at the door waiting for her.

She came to him and asked softly, "Have you finished talking with aunt?"

Daniel Taylor nodded, took her hand, and took her upstairs.

Robin Johnson arranged servants to serve them and they were arranging the room.

This room was used to live in Daniel Taylor. Anna sat down and found that there were many things here. Besides books, there were some old things. She couldn't help but turn them over. She just felt that it was his past and she had never been a part of it.

Robin Johnson was talking to Daniel Taylor in the balcony, "Now that you are fine and have recovered, do you want to come back to the army?"

He thought that Daniel Taylor couldn't walk as before, so he didn't think he would come back. But now he can walk, so Robin Johnson hoped that he can come back.

After all, he has always been so good.

Daniel Taylor looked at Robin Johnson, his eyes have filled with some repression. Robin Johnson asked, "What are you thinking?"

Daniel Taylor said with a smile, "Nothing. I don’t want to join. After this experience, I fell in love with such a plain life. I feel very happy with Anna. If I go back again, I may have to be outside all year and won’t get time to accompany her, like now."

Robin Johnson listened to Daniel Taylor's words, raised his mouth, and sighed, "Really abducted by a woman!"

Anna looked at the two people outside. She really felt that they must be good friends.

She has never seen Daniel Taylor too close to anyone. It can be seen that they had a really good relationship before.


After chatting with Daniel Taylor for a while, Robin Johnson looked at the time and said, "It’s quite late. I won't disturb your rest time anymore. Go to bed early."

He came out of the balcony and said to Anna, "good night, Anna."

“Good night.”

Robin Johnson walked out of the door with his long legs gracefully and closed the door.copy right hot novel pub