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Me Before You

Chapter 590

John Peter’s appearance made her quite worried.

Daniel Taylor said, "He is fine. Let’s go home."

He took the bag in her hand, carried it, and went to take a taxi.

Back to the Jiangfu garden, Anna removed her makeup in the bathroom and wipe the foundation with cotton wool.

The voice of Daniel Taylor’s phone call came from the outside, "Has John Peter arrived home?"

"Not yet." The housekeeper answered.

Daniel Taylor frowned worriedly, "when he arrives, please let me know."


Anna looked at him from the door. Although his voice was cold, she could clearly feel that he really cared about John Peter.

She squeezed the facial cleanser on to the palm of her hand, cleaned her face, and then came out. She asked Daniel Taylor, "John Peter is not home yet?"

"Not yet." Daniel Taylor said, "Don’t worry. He’s not a kid. He must know what he is up to."

He knew that John Peter became like this because of excessive love and care.

Anna picked up her mobile phone and sent a message.

Daniel Taylor looked at her. "What are you doing?"

"I’ll text his friends and let them check." At this time, John Peter may be more willing to see friends than his family.

After texting, Anna said to Daniel Taylor, "Take a bath and have a rest. I’ll tell you if I have any news. I’ll do something first.copy right hot novel pub