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Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 134: Don’t Just Keep Giving Sincerely Like A Fool

Matthew stepped on the brake in time and didn’t hit the person who suddenly appeared.

Sampson stood in front of the car. His gaze paused on Dolores for a moment. Sure enough, she and Matthew were together again.

Even with him concealing the truth that he found out this year, he still failed to prevent her and Matthew from getting back together.

He looked sad, “I want to talk to you.”

Dolores was not prepared to see him appear so suddenly.

Up till now, Dolores had been deliberately evading thinking or asking about that matter.

His appearance told her that what she was trying to not think about did actually happen and the brotherly Sampson in her mind had changed.

He had become someone she couldn’t even recognize.

He even scared her.

“Get out of the way.” Matthew’s eyes were gloomy and his tone was cold enough to shatter glass.

Sampson did not back down, but stared at Dolores, “Lola, how many years have we known each other? I admit it, this time it was my fault. I am really sorry to you, but in all fairness, I did treat you well before.”

“When I met you, you were a teenage girl. You acted brave and strong for your brother, your mother. You were so sensible for your age that it made people distressed. Do you remember?”

Dolores clasped her hand tightly and held her breath, no moving in her place. In the past, there were only injuries and pain. Her brother’s death was a wound that never healed.

“Later you returned here to get married. Do you know why I came back here? Because of you.” He smiled bitterly, “Later you got divorced and had a car accident. I took you away then. Do you remember those dark days? When you were trying to keep your children safe, when you were going through all that pain, who was there beside you all that time? Who helped you take care of your mother and took care of you?”

He recounted the bits and pieces of the times he had spent with her before, trying to tell her that he sincerely cared for her and liked her.

He couldn’t make her love him, but ended up making her hate him.

“You really just hate me? Is there no affection for me in your heart?”

“Stop it.” Dolores closed her eyes. She couldn’t deny what he was saying.

He had hurt her but she couldn’t deny the good he had done for her in the past and how nice he had been to her.

She trembled uncontrollably, “What do you want to say? Just say it.”

Now they had come to where they were today, there was no going back to the past.

What he said was just to reawaken her emotional affection towards him.

He was once kind to her.copy right hot novel pub