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Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 127: He Must Have Done Hideous Things in His Past Life

In Herbert family…

Maria tossed and turned in her bed, unable to fall asleep. She looked at her cellphone for a while but there was no call or any message coming in.

Finally, she couldn’t bear it. She got up holding her phone, thinking about it. She couldn’t stop herself from making a call.

Her hands were trembling with nervousness and excitement as she held the phone.

She had installed a camera in that room that day, even Sampson didn’t know.

Now, this was her only card that she could use to threaten Matthew.

If he cared about Dolores, he was not going to just watch an erotic video of her being stripped circulate the internet.

Matthew looked at his phone, his finger hovering over the screen in conflict. Just as the call was about to disconnect, he picked it up.

“Ah, Matthew!” Maria said in surprise.

She thought Matthew was not going to answer her call.

Matthew did not respond. Her happiness or anger could not influence his mood.

Slowly, Maria calmed down. Holding the quilt in her hand, she clenched and relaxed it a few times before she spoke, “Did you see the video? Brilliant, right?”

Matthew’s eyes were half-closed lazily; the storm in them was silent.

“Let’s meet, I booked a room at the S&H Hotel, room 108. I am waiting. You don’t really need to come, but I promise the video of Dolores will spread everywhere online and become the object of obscenity for every kind of men.”

After saying that, she hung up. Her heart was still beating fast.

She was nervous.

But thinking about meeting Matthew she became very excited.

She got up from her messy big bed and ran to the closet barefoot to find the clothes to wear tonight.

Her closet was full of expensive skirts and dresses; she still couldn’t find anything that would suit this moment; none of them felt pretty enough.

But now it was too late to go shopping. She could only take out the clothes one by one and try them on.

She looked excited, like a young girl in love going to meet the man she had long admired. She wanted to look more beautiful and show the most beautiful appearance of herself in front of him.

To make him amazed and fall in love with herself…

She yearned for Matthew to fall in love with her.

Dolores left the bathroom and was greeted enthusiastically by Coral. Coral’s expressions were clearly stating that she knew what Dolores just did in there.

Dolores lowered her head in embarrassment and said, “I’ll go see Samuel.”

After saying that, she walked towards the room.

She couldn’t stand Coral’s sharp gaze.

“The dinner will be ready soon.” Coral called from behind.copy right hot novel pub