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Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 124: I Want Father to Hug Me

Warner’s expressions turned even colder because he didn’t like Maria to give him the condition, “Don’t forget that you’re the culprit of all these. So originally you should bear the responsibility to solve all these. Now you use it as your chip to bargain with me? If dad knows about it, he will be very angry."

Maria curled her lips into a smile, “Warner, I guess you’re afraid that I’ll steal your thunder, right?"

“What a joke." Warner felt bothered to talk with her, “Is it that easy to get Matthew’s soft spot? If you have a chip, you can just threaten him to marry you. Why did you plan all those things? Could it be that you’re insane?"

Warner had calmed down himself now and he didn’t believe that Maria had gotten Matthew’s soft spot.

If she had a chip, she could directly threaten Matthew to marry her. Why would they cancel the engagement and cased all these troubles.

“You’re the insane one." Maria was angered, “Originally I want to help you. But since you don’t give a shit to it, then don’t blame me for standing aside."

She turned around and went upstairs after finishing the words.

Warner sneered, “Just stay at home obediently, and don’t anger dad."

Camilla happened to walk out from the bedroom. When hearing that Warner was shouting loudly, she reprimanded him at a low voice, “Your dad has been in a bad mood in these two days, so don’t talk loudly at home in case that will anger him."

She had exerted great forces to console him and let him stay in the bedroom to have a rest.

“I see." Warner walked into his bedroom to change clothes. He took out his clothes from the closet, but he was not in a hurry to change them; instead, he sat down onto the sofa, produced his phone to find out Abbott’s phone number and gave him a phone call.

He cleared his throat and pondered what he should say when the call was received. Apparently, he contacted Abbott at this juncture because of the news, so Abbott might not be willing to receive the phone call, or he might refuse to meet him.

Abbott didn’t pick up the phone call until the ringtone was over. Grasping the phone, Warner was not discouraged. Instead, he put down his phone, unbuttoned his suit jacket and then walked into the bathroom. After taking a bath, he changed his clothes and went out.

Maria, who was standing by a window of the second floor, pushed aside the curtain with one hand and watched Warner driving out of the mansion from the back gate.

No matter whether Matthew loved her or not, no one could deny that since she had been by his side for so long, she knew him quite well and was confident that Matthew would definitely refuse to meet Warner.

Maria curled up her lips, “Brother, I’ve given you a chance, but you didn’t seize it. Then don’t blame me."

She produced her phone and sent a video to Matthew’s phone as well as his private e-mail in case that he would not notice it.

In the villa...

Coral cooked a table of dishes as if they were celebrating a festival.

Jessica helped her serve rice and Simona was playing in the living room alone. Samuel was still in his bedroom, refusing to go out. He said he looked ugly now and refused to see anyone.

Two streaks of white light streamed into the villa - a black car was coming from outside. Soon, Dolores and Matthew got off the car and walked into the villa together.

When Simona heard the sound of door opening, she hurriedly raised her head from sofa and looked towards the door. When she saw the man who was coming in, her eyes lit up.

Samuel had told her that this man was their father.

She swiftly slid down from the sofa and ran towards the door with her short legs.copy right hot novel pub