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Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 118: Who Is This Woman?

The door to the study opened and Thomas stood at the door, “I have shown them to the living room.”

Jayden nodded.

“Don’t worry, the matter has already been resolved. He can’t say anything now.” Jayden saw the worry in Victoria’s eyes and comforted her.

Victoria lowered her raised eyebrows, “I am not worried.”

“You never admit.” Jayden held her hand, “Let’s go!”

In the living room, Landon was sitting on the mahogany sofa, tea was being poured to him and Warner was standing behind him.

Seeing Jayden come over, Landon stood up, “Jayden, this is a complete mess, I can only beg you.”

“Beg me?” Jayden laughed loudly, “Don’t joke around with me! Why would you beg me?”

Landon sighed loudly, “If it wasn’t for my two useless children, this would have never happened.”

“What happened?” Jayden pulled Victoria with him and sat on the sofa opposite to Landon.

The servant served them tea as well.

“You didn’t watch the news today, did you?” Landon asked.


After retiring, Jayden no longer liked to watch the news and just spent his usual days with his Victoria, writing calligraphy, going on walks or playing chess.

“Maybe you should take a look at this first.” Landon motioned his son to show the news to Jayden.

Warner handed him the phone.

Jayden looked at the news and he was a little surprised. He was not surprised at how outrageous the news was, but at the fact that the matter happened in his family, why did he come to him?

It shouldn’t have been hard to cover this matter up with the connections of the Herbert family.

“Landon, is it…” Jayden raised his head and looked at Landon opposite to him, “Could it have something to do with me?”

Why else would he come to him?

Landon sighed again, “I am not as lucky as you. You gave birth to a good son, retired early and now you are enjoying old age peacefully. My children only cause trouble and make me mad with rage.”

“Landon, why are you saying that?”

“This.” Landon pointed to the child with blood on his face in the news. “This child, I heard that he is the son of the woman Matthew likes. Maria feels that this woman broke up her and Matthew’s engagement. And… it’s shameful to say… Sampson likes this woman and got a bit hot-headed… so he kidnapped her child to threaten her to leave Matthew.”

Landon avoided the horrible stuff Sampson did and stayed on the lighter notes.

He didn’t mention that his own daughter wanted to marry Matthew for her family to be benefitted, nor about the fact that Sampson wanted to marry that woman.

The things hurt his reputation.

Jayden and Victoria looked at each other.

Who was this woman?

And what was that about the child?

Wasn’t the reason why their engagement ended Dolores?

There was no photo of Dolores in the news, so they didn’t know that this woman was indeed Dolores.

Matthew had not allowed for Dolores photo to be published in the news article.

He didn’t want to pull her in such news.

“This matter must have provoked Matthew, which is why I am here.copy right hot novel pub