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Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 117: Internal Strife

“Dad, I’ll go with you.” Warner stepped forward.

Landon nodded, “Yeah, you coming with me is a good idea.”

Among his three children, his favorite is his eldest son. Although he had no talent in doing business, he was steady and had never troubled his family. Now, he was also taking care of the family business.

He glanced again at the other two, he immediately felt angry again.

“This matter is not resolved. You two are not allowed to go out. Stay home and think about what you did!”


Maria wanted to explain that even though her intentions were selfish, it was true that she wanted to be useful for the family. If what happened hadn’t happened, she was sure they wouldn’t have been treated like this.

As soon as she said that, she was held by Sampson besides her, “Stop talking!”

“Why?” Maria was not convinced, “My original intention was to do something for the family. I didn’t succeed but it should not be unforgivable! It is unfair to treat us like this!”

Landon clutched his chest, extremely angry.

Not only did she not admit to her mistake, but she also refused to listen to his words?

“Okay now, stop talking! Can’t you see that Dad is angry?” Warner scolded her.

“Don’t pretend to be a good person in front of Dad. You are just afraid that Sampson and I will divide the family property and take your position in the group. That is why you are pleasing Dad in every way you can…”

“Enough!” Landon slammed his hand on the table in anger and coughed. His face turned red as he continued to cough and Warner patted him on the back.

“It has always been like that; Warner licks people’s boots outside and then come home to lick Dad’s boots.”

Warner was the only one in charge of the family business. Maria had been home at Herbert family’s house for so many years. Every time she mentions her desire to work for the company, Warner makes deliberate excuses to prevent him from going.

Didn’t this mean that he was afraid of losing the property?

“That’s it! Both of you get lost! Go back in your rooms!” Camilla couldn’t listen anymore. They were all her own children; they were all equally important to her.

“Let her talk!” Landon opened his mouth. He was breathing heavily, as if he was going to faint any moment now.

“Dad! Is it fair to leave the company to Warner alone?” Maria had been dissatisfied since a long time ago and now was her chance to say it all.

Warner looked at her quietly.

Landon raised an eyebrow, “Are you talking to me about being fair?”

He was not an old fool. He only attached importance to his oldest son, Warner, because he saw through it completely.

Sampson went to study psychology even though he disagreed with his decision, and became a psychiatrist. Now that he had come back, he didn’t know anything about business. Especially in this competitive era, it was not easy.copy right hot novel pub