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Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 116: Touching His Heartstrings

Once arrived at the hospital, Samuel was sent to the examination room.

Because Dolores mood was so unstable, the doctor didn’t let her in.

She leaned against the wall of the corridor; without the support of the wall she might not have been able to stand.

Matthew sat on the chair at the side, not persuading or comforting her.

After seeing the blood on Samuel’s face, she was already on the verge of collapsing and now even a small matter could make her completely collapse.

Suddenly the door of the examination room opened and the doctor walked out. He took off his mask and asked, “Who is the family member?”

“I am.”

Dolores walked over quickly and asked anxiously, “Is he okay?”

“Superficial wound, he knocked his head somewhere which caused the bleeding. I have cleaned the wound and his face needs to be iced for a bit to calm the swelling. I will prescribe the medicine; you can take it from the first floor. You can take him home.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” Dolores repeatedly thanked him and ran into the examination room. Samuel was lying on the bed and the blood on his face was already cleaned. His face was still swollen, five fingers printed clearly on it with bandage on his forehead. He was awake.

Seeing Dolores, he called, “Mommy!”

“Samuel!” Dolores rushed over to hold his hand. Fortunately, he was okay.

She stretched out her hand with teary eyes and gently held his face, stroking his cheek with her thumb in distress, “Thank God! You are okay.”

“Nothing will happen to me.” Samuel reached out to wipe the tears that fell from Dolores eyes, “Mommy, don’t cry, I am completely fine.”

Dolores lowered her head and buried her face in his embrace, her shoulders trembling slightly.

She let out a muffled whimper.

Matthew stood at the door of the examination room, looking at them.

He had never seen Dolores cry like this, sobbing and swallowing her tears.

She could only swallow her tears, not daring to cry loudly for the fear of affecting Samuel.

His heartstrings seemed to have been touched suddenly.

His eyes looked deep as he looked at them

Samuel made the ‘OK’ gesture with his fingers at Matthew at the door.

He smiled.

Matthew also smiled and responded with the same gesture.

Then he walked in, “We can go back now.copy right hot novel pub