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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 699 Asking For A Kiss Indirectly

Although it was nearly midnight, the city was still brightly lit, and only a few particularly shiny stars could be seen in the sky.

"Zac, you won't leave me, will you?" She leaned against his chest and gazed at the dark sky.

"Silly girl, I will always be with you, this life, next life, and the other next life." He buried his head in her hair,.

A touch of sadness appeared on her pale and beautiful face. "No one will have a next life. The most important thing is to live a good life this life."

"So even if the sky falls, you have to look forward. Remember, I'm by your side to protect you from wind and rain," Zac took the opportunity and said.

"I know what you mean, but I just can't control myself. I can't help imagining terrible things." She sniffed, tears welling up in her eyes.

"It's okay. You'll be better after this period of time. You have to tell yourself that Dawny is waiting for mommy to pick him up. Mommy has to be strong and cheer up. She can't be defeated by the enemy. " Zac's low and magnetic voice was full of bewitching power, which slowly made her fall into a semi hypnotic state.

"Icy guy." She put her arms around his waist and gently rubbed his solid chest muscles with her face like a child. "Do you remember that I was locked in the room and you sang the song 'Waiting For You' for me? Sing it to me right now."

Zac smiled and pinched her nose dotingly. "I'm your exclusive player now?"

"Yes, you are my exclusive player. Only I and the children can listen to it. Don't let others hear it." Essie pouted.

"So you are so possessive." Zac kissed her on the lips.

"Do you have a problem with that?" She opened her mouth slightly and bit his finger, gently with an invisible flirtation.

"That's what I like." A wisp of flame swept across his dark ice eyes. He smiled wickedly and lowered his head to kiss her neck. When she felt limp, numb and itchy, she loosened her mouth and couldn't help laughing, which eased her depression a lot.

He took the opportunity to kiss her lips and taste her charming smile that hadn't appeared for a long time. His kiss was full of energy and vitality, like a clear spring of life, pouring into her body, making her blood boil, with spirit and strength, and her heart regained warmth and safety.

In a corner not far away, a pair of eyes secretly looked at them, full of envy and hatred. Now she didn't dare to dream for a lifetime. As long as she could have a night of warmth, she would be satisfied.

On the second day, Zac planned a trip to the farm. He took his wife and children to pick strawberries, grass-ski, toxophily...

Two mischievous kids, Rabi and Mili, were playing Ivy and Eva on the grass. Essie and Zac were picking strawberry in the field with Dot. Irene followed them and stole glances at Zac from time to time.

Mr. Mcdreamy was Mr. Mcdreamy. Every word, every move, every look, every expression was so elegant, charming and noble.

She was a passionate and crazy woman. She was willing to do everything to pursue her love and the dream man she admired. She didn't care to be a mistress. In her eyes, love was equal, no matter the order. Anyway, she didn't expect to ruin his marriage and family. She just pursued romance and spiritual enjoyment.

After Dot picked up a full basket of strawberries, Zac took it to wash and fed it to Essie's mouth.

"It's so sweet.copy right hot novel pub