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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 695 The Burned Body Of Baby

The sky above the Rong Mansion was shrouded in a cloud of melancholy.

Lucy couldn't bear the bad news that her grandson was kidnapped. She was so anxious that she slip into her old illness. Zac arranged nurses and servants to help Bob take care of her in the villa in Phoenix Road.

It had been a day and a night since Essie closed her eyes. She cried hoarse and her tears were dry. Her eyes were as swollen as walnuts. Most importantly, she didn't eat even a drop of water, just like a blooming rose encountering wind, frost, snow and rain, and began to wither slowly.

Zac felt his heart ache and anxious.

In the evening, after a video call with William and Jay in the study, he found that Essie was not in the room.

He went to the bathroom to look for her, but there was no one there. His nerves suddenly tightened. He was afraid that she would do something stupid and hurried downstairs to look for her.

Essie had left the Rong Mansion and ran on the road to the iron gate.

It was in the middle of winter, and a cold tide came. The temperature at night was quite low. The night wind blew through the dark sky, shaking branches and leaves.

Essie only wore a thin pajama. The cold wind swept over her body, as if a knife was cutting her body. She didn't wear shoes either. On her bare feet, the gravel on the road cut her soles, and blood seeped out every step she took.

But she couldn't feel the pain in her body, because the pain in her heart had covered up everything. She ran forward desperately, biting her lips and using all her strength.

Her child was somewhere outside. He was so scared that he was waiting for his mother to save him.

She couldn't wait any longer. She had to find him as soon as possible. Even if she ran all over the Dragon City, she had to find him.

A stone in front of her tripped her feet and she fell heavily to the ground. Her elbows, palms and knees were all scraped. She gritted her teeth and tried to get up, but failed.

She hadn't slept for a day and a night, and she hadn't eaten anything, which had already made her extremely weak. The reason why she hadn't fallen down yet was entirely based on the will to look for the child.

"Dawny, wait for Mommy. Mommy will be here soon." She seemed to have heard the baby's cry. Then she struggled to get up and continued to run forward. But after a few steps, her legs completely lost strength and became soft. Just as she fell down again, a pair of solid arms held her in their arms.

Seeing that her legs and feet were all injured and she was in such a mess, Zac's internal organs began to twitch.

"Icy guy, I heard Dawny's voice. He is calling me. He is looking for Mommy. Take me to him quickly!" She grabbed the hem of his cloth and cried.

"Don't worry. Dawny'll be fine." As Zac spoke, he took her back to the house as fast as a tornado.

Although she was put on the bed, she struggled to get out and refused to cooperate with him to apply medicine. He had no choice but to ask the servant to hold her hands and feet to prevent her from moving randomly.

"Zac Rong, you bastard! Let go of me! I'm going to look for Dawny!" she shouted in a hoarse voice.

"Mr. Zac, Mrs.copy right hot novel pub