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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 693 He Is Not My Child

Right after she finished sitting her month, the first thing Essie had to do was to visit her son in the hospital.

The baby boy was already becoming white and fat. He would be discharged from the hospital and reunited with his parents in two days.

At this moment, he seemed to hear the voice of his mommy and daddy. He quickly opened his beautiful big eyes and looked around. The nurse carefully took the baby out of the incubator and handed it to Essie.

Looking at the little baby in her arms, the maternal love in Essie's chest was like a torrent of river water, which could never be used up.

She took her son into the nursing room. This time, he didn't need a breast feeder. He could have a good meal.

She stared at her son in her arms without blinking and doting. He was not like Mili who looked like her mother a lot or Dot who looked like Zac a lot. His eyes and brows were really like Walt's words, just like Abel when he was young.

"Baby, Mommy will pick you up this weekend and take you home. Grandpa, grandma, brother and sister are waiting for you." She lowered her head and gently kissed her pink face.

After coming out of the nursing room, Zac took the baby over and held it in his arms. "Boy, do you know how lucky you are? You can enjoy special treatment as soon as you go back. You can sleep beside daddy and Mommy, which your brother and sister have never enjoyed."

Hearing that, Essie was in a slight sweat. Her husband's domineering disorder was so serious that it could take effect at any time in front of her baby. It seemed that it was time for him to take the medicine.

The baby seemed to have heard his words. He waved his hands in the air, as if he was happy. Seeing this, Zac couldn't help laughing, showing his father's love on his face.

The two of them loved their son very much because he had gone through a lot of difficulties before he managed to come to live. What's more, the baby was very smart, which was different from others in Mommy's belly, so they liked him more.

"Boy, when you grow up, you will definitely surpass me and be stronger than me," Zac said with a smile.

The little baby kicked his little feet, as if responding to his words. He opened his eyes wide and looked at the place where the familiar voice came from. He couldn't see clearly the people and things in front of him, so he could only judge the direction according to the sound.

Zac sat on the chair and hummed the English song that his son liked best. Soon he closed his eyes and fell asleep. He carefully handed the baby to the nurse and put it into the incubator.

Essie looked at her son with reluctance. She really didn't want to leave and wanted to hold him in her arms twenty-four hours a day. Therefore, she decided that as soon as her son was discharged from the hospital, she would not let him leave her sight for even a minute.

After walking out of the hospital and entering the car, Essie touched her chest and said, "Icy guy, it's so strange. As soon as Dawny left my sight, I felt very flustered, as if he would suddenly disappear and I could never find him again."

Zac put his arm around her shoulder and said, "The baby is back, so you are too nervous. He is very healthy now. We will pick him up on weekend. Don't think too much."

"Okay." Essie nodded. She was worrying too much. She almost lost this child, which made her feel scared and guilty.

When she returned to the Rong Mansion, she met Walt and Leila.

"You went to see the baby?" Walt tried his best to keep his voice calm in a casual tone. In fact, he even wanted to see his child in his dream. He could have a child with the woman he loved most in his life, he would die with regret.copy right hot novel pub