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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 687 All the Mistresses Come

With a shy look on her face, Essie gently pushed him on the shoulder and said, "Even if you don't have me, there are a lot of women waiting for you. How can you act in this pitiful way?"

Zac pinched the tip of her chin dotingly. "Are they tender and delicious, sweet and juicy, soft and beautiful as my little fool?" Then he buried his face in her neck.

She giggled like a silver bell colliding with a silver bell.

"Can a devil king become an angel?" she wrapped her arms around his neck and asked with a smile.

"No, he can't. The Devil King is leading the hell and is self-centered. Angel has to be controlled by God and has no freedom," Zac replied arrogantly and evilly. He put his big hands into her clothes and played with the private plaything he 'rented' to his son.

A hint of confusion flashed through Essie's eyes. "Devin, who do you think is more like you, Dot or Dawny?" She gasped and tried her best to keep rational so that she wouldn't be trapped in his touch.

"My sons are just like me. They are not afraid of anything. Even devils and ghost dare not to touch them." Zac raised his dashing eyebrows domineeringly, and then turned to attack her lips, stopping her from talking.

When the two of them were kissing affectionately, the door of the hall was pushed open. Mrs. Rose, Lucy and Irene walked in.

Mrs. Rose and Lucy would stay at the Rong Mansion during the day to help Zac take care of Essie. They just went out to buy some baby products.

Mrs. Rose also knew what happened to Mary, but she couldn't say anything since her sister had done something wrong. She could only wait for a while. When everyone forgot, she would plead for her sister and ask her brother-in-law to bring her back.

Seeing the two people making out, Irene's eyes flashed with envy and jealousy. She coughed to remind them of their existence.

Zac let go of Essie and sat up. Flushed with shyness, Essie quickly buttoned up her clothes.

Mrs. Rose pretended not to see it and smiled. "We bought some clothes for the child and the diaper. Ask the servant to take them to the hospital tomorrow."

"Okay." With a trace of embarrassment on her face, Essie nodded.

Lucy couldn't pretend that she didn't see anything. When her daughter gave birth to Mili and Dot, her son-in-law was not by her side, so she didn't need to worry about those things. Now she had to be paid attention to. She couldn't let her son-in-law mess around and hurt her daughter's health.

After Essie went back to her room, she asked Zac to leave and have a talk with her daughter alone.

After helping Essie lie down on the bed, she sat on the edge of the bed and said seriously, "Essie, I'm telling you that a woman can't do it for three months after giving birth. You needs to completely recover before doing it. You have to check with Zac. Don't let him act rashly. "

Embarrassed, Essie choked on her words and said, "Mom, it was a mistake. We didn't..."

"I know. I just want to remind you. When you gave birth to Mili and Dot, Zac was not by your side. I didn't emphasize this to you. You have to be careful this time." Lucy patted her hand.copy right hot novel pub