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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 98 You Are Lying

"I..." Hanson wanted to say something but stopped after giving it a second thought. At first, he was forced by his mom to give up, and he was afraid that he was too young to give her a future. After that, he went into Bella. He couldn't do anything due to the strife between him and his family. And now, the only thing he could do was put aside his love for her. All of these turned into a kind of silent sorrow that choked his throat.

"I'll love you more and make up for everything that happened for the past five years," he continued.

Essie put on a smile that was full of sorrow, bitterness, and despair. He did love her, but he did not care about her at all. She had waited him for five years, and had actively confessed her love to him. However, he didn't welcome her in his arms, making her look like a big fool. After getting drunk, she married someone else and lost the most precious innocence that she had been saving for him.

"Did you ever think of me when you were about to marry Sunny? I confessed my love for you, but you didn't say anything. Did you ever think about my feelings when you left with your fiancée? I won't be stupid anymore. I've already made it clear to you, Hanson. Every time you had to choose among your family, Bella, and me, I'm the one you decided to give up. I am not giving you another chance to abandon me. It's too hard to love you!" Essie's tone was no longer gentle. Instead, it was sharp, filled with grief, resentment, and accusation.

A sharp pain flashed across Hanson's face, but he didn't know how to refute her words.

She was right.

Because he wanted to get Bella first, he made her wait. And because he wanted to get his mother to be cured first, he decided to separate from her temporarily.

He loved her. He wanted to be with her, but he always made up his mind to give her up.

For his sake, she gave up the opportunity to study in Instituto Marangoni. Even though she was bullied by Sunny and couldn't find a job, she still chose to stay in Yang City, because of him.

She loved him fiercely, but he was too much of a coward in love.

He collapsed on the chair as if all of his strength had been drained away. He held his head in his hands and ruffled his short hair restlessly.

Dead silence filled the room.

Then, Essie looked at him coldly, without even a sliver of hope or anger.

"I'm leaving, Hanson." Without waiting for his answer, she turned around and walked out at once.

A teardrop fell down from Hanson's eyes. He felt nothing but despair and sadness.

Today, Zac just stayed silent.

Ever since Essie entered the room, he had not said a word. He just stood alone on the balcony for a long time.

He stared at the sunset in the sky.

The setting sun shone brightly, but his eyes were like a deep well that was dark, cold, and a place where the sun could not shine.

Essie, on the other hand, was just lying on the sofa, too distracted to talk to him.

It was not until dusk that she sat up and took two bottles of wine from the refrigerator.

"Zac, come and drink with me."

He quivered slightly, as if he was chilled by the night breeze. After a moment of silence, he turned around and came over.

She handed the wine to him and said, "Let's get drunk today."

He sat on the sofa and took a sip of wine. "We got married the last time when we got drunk.copy right hot novel pub