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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 686 Drive Away The Evil Mother-In-Law

Albert pressed his thin lips into a straight line. Obviously, he had convicted her. He didn't know that there was a secret passage in the Rong Mansion, but Mary was in charge of the repair of the yard. It was not strange that she found it by chance and didn't tell anyone.

Mary turned to look at Essie, "You little bitch, are you stirring up trouble between us? You are not welcomed by others and was frame by others and now you are slander me! My son was bewitched by you, but I'm sober. If I don't teach you a lesson today, you won't know how powerful I am! "

She rushed to Essie like an angry cow and was about to slap her. But Zac rushed over like a hurricane and grabbed her hand in the air in a flash.

"You are really crazy!" He gritted his teeth in anger. His wife had just been discharged from hospital and was sitting the month of childbirth. How could she be so cruel to hit her? Was there any difference from being a lunatic?

"I'm not crazy. It's you who are crazy. The ferocious ghost in red and the tricks to force her out of the position, are all just traps set by this little bitch. She made up and acted by herself, so as to frame me, so that she can drive me out of the Rong Mansion and occupy the whole Rong family by herself." Mary shook off Zac's hand and shouted hysterically.

She could come up with a plan to make herself allergic and frame Lucy. Why couldn't a little tramp do the same? She had always been cunning. It was not strange for her to play a vicious trick on herself, risking her life. Moreover, she could kill two birds with one stone.

She must be very clear that the baby in her belly was a bastard. She took this opportunity to deliberately make herself premature and kill the baby. Considering the pain of her losing her son, the Rong family would definitely not add more frost to the snow and let her do the paternity test. Then she could keep her reputation.

However, the prediction was not as good as that of the God. The little bastard was lucky and recovered. She must seize the handle and make a comeback.

Without saying anything, Essie just glanced at her with a sneer. Was this the last crazy thing done by a desperate dog? She didn't say a word or defend herself. She knew that Albert and his sons wouldn't believe her.

Although she was their daughter-in-law, she was still an outsider. It was up to the three of them to decide how to deal with Mary. She would neither interfere nor cut in.

Zac looked at her coldly, his eyes filled with coldness. "Today is the last time I call you mommy. I will repay your kindness of birth and support you. But from now on, you are no longer my mother, and I am no longer your son. Our relationship as mother and son is over," he said word by word clearly and forcefully, firm and cold.

Mary's ears exploded like a thunder, making her dizzy. "Bastard... Evil monster... " She fell down on the chair and covered her chest to breathe.

Essie quickly took out a pill and handed it to her. She was afraid that Mary would be so angry that she would have a heart attack, so she had prepared the medicine for her.copy right hot novel pub