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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 685 Outsmart Herself (Part Two)

Mary's face seemed to be stung by a bee, and her whole body twisted to one side, looking extremely ferocious. "No wonder you treat me as an unpardonable sinner. It turns out that you think I did it!"

"It is not something we thought you did but something you have really done!" Finally, Zac opened his mouth. There was anger and accusation in his serious tone.

A strong spasm passed over Mary's limbs. "I did nothing. This has nothing to do with me. This woman is not able to be the hostess at all. There are many people dissatisfied with her in the Rong Mansion. It's normal to find a way to force her to abdicate."

Zac's dark and cold eyes twinkled with coldness. "Mommy, let's make it clear one by one today."

He took out a recorder pen from his pocket and opened it. It was a woman's confession.

"You made up the story of peanuts allergy last time, didn't you? You know that Jonas is an assistant cook in that restaurant. He gave you a business card with his phone number on it. When you knew that I was going to invite you and my mother-in-law to dinner, you set up this trap. You asked someone to pretend to be my mother-in-law and call Jonas, asking him to harm you. In this way, you can impose the blame on my mother-in-law, and then destroy my relationship with Essie. You've tried your best. But you have forgotten that there is nothing in Dragon City that I can't find out! "

Mary trembled violently. She had thought that her design was very ingenious and this secret would never be discovered. She did not expect that her son would find it out so soon.

However, on the other hand, the allergy was indeed her own making up and acting, but the 'ghost in red' had nothing to do with her.

The reason why she didn't interfere was that she wanted to take advantage of the fight between snipes and clams, so that Essie and the 'fierce ghost in red' would fight to the death, and she would seize the position of the hostess.copy right hot novel pub