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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 683 Uphold Justice At The Cost Of His Blood Relations

"No --" Essie screamed hysterically. A mouthful of blood spurted out of her mouth and stained Zac's shirt red.

"Essie!" Zac's face was pale and nervous. The bright red blood stung his eyes. Looking at her mental breakdown, he felt a sharp pain in his chest like a fire, and at the same time, he was panic and fearful. There were too many things in her life that she couldn't bear. He was afraid that she would collapse because of this.

"My little fool, I know you can't accept it. But you still have Mili, Dot and me. You have to be strong for us." He caressed her face, kissed her, and comforted her in a hoarse voice.

Essie didn't move, like a wooden man, turning a blind eye to it and ignoring it. She was completely trapped in her own painful state.

Her eyes widened, and tears fell down from them like broken beads. She clenched her fists. Her fingernails were deeply embedded in her flesh, but she didn't feel any pain, because the pain in her heart had covered everything.

Walt was not far away. His eyes darkened. If it weren't for Leila's hold, he would have fallen down. He couldn't believe that the child he had been looking forward to was gone.

Immersed in their own pain, no one noticed him. Worried that he would lose control, Leila pulled him out and said, "Let's leave first and let Essie and Zac calm down alone."

Walt turned around stiffly and stumbled outside. He needed a place to cry out.

In the car, Walt grabbed Leila's neck and asked, "Does it have anything to do with you?"

Leila grabbed his hand and tried to break it off, but he was too strong. She could not do so. "I... I am most afraid of the fierce ghost in red How dare I make use of her? " she explained with difficulty, almost suffocating.

Walt relaxed his hand. "Aren't you still dreaming of being the hostess of our family?"

"A soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier. And if I don't want to be the hostess, I'm not a good daughter in law either. Is there anything wrong if I want to be the hostess? And I did this for you. " Leila curled her lips.

"You'd better have nothing to do with it, or I will let you die with my child," Walt warned harshly.

"I've only been in the Rong Mansion for a few days. How could I know there is a secret passage?" Leila snorted, "In fact, everyone knows who did it, but no one dares to say anything without conclusive evidence."

Walt cast a sidelong glance at her. He and Zac didn't know that there was a secret passage in the family, let alone her, a member of the Qin family who had never been allowed to enter the family. The only person who could know was his mother.

"I didn't expect her to be so vicious." He gritted his teeth.

"It's not surprising that mother-in-law hates her daughter in law and kills her. There are already many news about the examples on TV. Mother-in-law quarrels with daughter in law, and mother-in-law kills the latter. Besides, there is mother-in-law hated their daughter-in-law so much that she took it out on the grandson and killed him," Leila said casually.

Walt smashed his fist on the steering wheel. "Vicious woman! Vicious woman!" If she was not his biological mother, he would kill her without hesitation and avenge his poor child!

Leila patted him on the shoulder and sighed, "Now that things have come to this, you'd better restrain your grief."

In the hospital, at the door of the emergency room, Essie reached out her hand to the doctor and said, "Give my child back to me. I want to hug him. I haven't hugged him well yet."

The dean of the hospital walked into the emergency room, took out the baby who had lost his breath and put it into the arms of Essie.

Essie held him, stroke his little pale face. "Don't be afraid.copy right hot novel pub