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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 680 Premature Birth (Part Two)

She looked around carefully and didn't miss every corner. The walls were all repaired, and there were traps that couldn't be hidden. The furniture was all modern. The only thing that didn't move was the ground.

Not only did the ground here not move, but also the whole house of the Rong Mansion did not move, because the ground was paved with the same golden bricks as the one in the Forbidden City. In order not to damage these invaluable antique bricks, the ground was covered with thick carpet for protection. Anyone who came in must change into soft shoes. High heels and hard shoes were absolutely prohibited.

Step by step, Essie gently stepped on it. She once saw it on TV drama, that the sound would be different in the place where there was a secret passage. It might be reasonable. The sound would be clearer if the entrance was empty.

When she walked to the left corner, she stopped. The sound here seemed to be different from other places. Afraid that she might hear it wrong, she stepped on it carefully again.

Good God, it was really different.

A hint of excitement came from her face. She quickly uncovered the carpet, supported her waist, slowly squatted down, and gently tapped the brick surface with her fingers. One brick made a crisp sound, and the others were dull and hoarse.

She took a lift from the drawer and gently pried the gold brick up. There was a switch like a door in it.

She turned the door and heard a muffled sound from the right corner, and the carpet laid on it fell.

She walked over and uncovered the carpet. There was an entrance of two meters wide and a narrow elevator extended to the bottom.

She wanted to call the security guard, but she heard a cry from inside, like Shyla's. it seemed that she was inside. She was so anxious that she walked down without hesitation.

The tunnel was very narrow, only half wide for one person. There were lanterns on both sides of the wall, and the candles in the lanterns were lit. It seemed that someone had just come in and out.

Not long after, there was a split in the road, which seemed to lead to other places. Hearing the cry coming from the left passage, Essie walked left.

There was light coming from the depths of the passageway. It was no longer the dim light of the lanterns, but the bright incandescent light like the searchlight.copy right hot novel pub