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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 676 Are You Jealous

Essie swallowed and tried her best to keep calm in case of frightening the child. She took a piece of Dragon Beard Cake from the plate and handed it to Shyla. "Tell me, where did you see Aunt ghost?"

Shyla blinked and lowered her head. "Aunt ghost said it's a secret between her and me. We can't tell adults."

With a slight smile on her face, Essie said, "Well, I won't ask anymore. Tell your best friend, Mili." Then she winked at Mili and walked out.

Mili understood and she said with a smile, "Sister Shyla, please tell me in a low voice that my mommy is out and she can't hear you."

Shyla nodded, covered her mouth with her hand and said mysteriously, "It's in my room. I was hiding in the cabinet and waiting for brother Jimmy and others to come to me, but aunt ghost suddenly appeared. I was scared. I thought she would eat me up, but she gave me a candy and said that as long as I didn't scream, she wouldn't eat me. "

"Did she come in from outside?" Mili asked in a hurry.

"No, the door is closed. She just appeared all of a sudden. I don't know where she came from. Isn't she a ghost? Ghosts can penetrate the wall. They don't need to push the door," Shyla shook her head and said seriously.

Mili was stunned. Her eyes widened. Was there really a ghost in the world?

"Sister Shyla, what does aunt ghost look like?"

"She is wearing a long red dress and her hair is very long. It's almost to her ankle. Her hair is flowing in front and covering her face. I can't see her face at all. Her hands were green and a little scary, just like the zombies in TV dramas, with long fingernails of bright red color. I asked her if she had applied nail polish like my aunt did. She said that she didn't have any nail polish except for blood. She applied it with blood," Shyla said with her head tilted to one side, showing no fear.

Adults were afraid of ghosts because there were too many dark sides in their hearts. Children were simple in heart, so they were not so afraid of ghosts.

"Sister Shyla, do you think aunt ghost is a good ghost or a bad ghost?" Mili raised her chin and asked thoughtfully.

"Evil spirits eat people, but she didn't eat me and gave me candy. She shouldn't be a evil ghost." Shyla giggled.

"Sister Shyla, anyway, you have to be careful. Ghosts are ghosts and moody. Didn't she kill a lot of rats? She even twisted their heads, peeled their skin and sucked up their blood. It meant that she was very ferocious. Next time you see it, just run and find your parents or uncle security guards," Mili reminded.

Shyla shivered with fear, "Will she come to me again?"

"Don't worry. I'll tell my mommy to change a room for you and don't live there anymore," Mili patted her hand and comforted her.

After the two played for a while, Shyla left. Mili told what Shyla had said her to Essie and Zac.

Zac immediately went to Shyla's room with director Liu of the security guard. They checked carefully and didn't find anything unusual. The security guard quickly checked the surveillance record of last night. Except for Rachel, Shyla and Jimmy, there was no suspicious person entering the room.

"Can it really appear and disappear out of nowhere?" Director Liu was confused.copy right hot novel pub