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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 675 I Saw Auntie Ghost

Eva was petrified. She felt as if she had encountered a cold current from the north pole and his whole body had been frozen. The good impression of Jim just disappeared.

Jim picked up the fork again and began to eat the noodles gracefully. The fragrance spilled from the plate and filled every corner of the room. From time to time, he stole glances at Eva, watching the covetous expression on her face.

Eva stood aside, staring blankly. Her heart was like hundreds of horses galloping and trampling, and thousands of daggers piercing and tearing. It was not because that she was too desirous to eat, but because the deepest shadow in her childhood was stirred up.

"Take your time. I'm going back to the hotel." Then she turned around and walked outside.

"It's ten degrees below zero outside." Jim's voice came from behind. The heaven pepper was the most afraid of cold.

"It doesn't matter," Eva said stubbornly and didn't stop.

"Do you have a car?" Jim frowned.

"As long as I have feet." She strode to the door. As soon as she opened it, a gust of cold wind came, blowing on her face, as painful as a knife. She gritted her teeth and walked out without hesitation.

"Damn it!" Jim cursed from his throat. According to her personality of being impulsive and stubborn to the end, even if he was frozen into an ice stick outside, she would not return.

The polar lights were still shining in the sky, adding a glimmer of light to the cold and dark night.

Following the memory of the way she was coming, Eva hurried back. She had planned to call her assistant and ask her to drive the car of the crew to pick her up, but she didn't expect that her phone had been damn left in the hotel.

She was so sad that tears kept gushing out and froze on her face as soon as they fell. She was so cold that the blood in her body seemed to freeze.

Her pace became slower and slower, and it was more and more difficult for her to walk. Her legs began to become stiff, and her hands could no longer use strength.

She seriously suspected that she would freeze to death here alive.

She really hoped that Vinton could appear at this time and hold her in his warm arms. Vinton was the only man in the world who could make her feel safe and warm.

He would never make her angry, quarrel with her, say something that would make her sad, or do anything that would make her sad. Meeting him was the luckiest thing in her life, and meeting the scum Jim was the most unlucky thing in her life.

While she was thinking, a strong force like a tornado came from behind, and then she fell into a domineering, solid and warm embrace.

She screamed. When she turned around and saw the handsome face, her body trembled for a moment. Then she wanted to punch him, but her arms were frozen and she couldn't use her strength at all.

Jim seemed to have seen through her intention. A touch of arrogance flashed across his eyes. "If you don't want to freeze to death, just cooperate." He felt that her body was as cold as iron.

She bit her lips and stopped talking. Even if she wanted to resist, her hands and feet were too stiff to use any strength. "Put me down. I'll walk myself."

"According to your speed, you will be froze into ice stick before arriving at the villa. I don't want to freeze to death with you," he said coldly and strode back.

Being held horizontally by him, she was extremely embarrassed. She had a fiance, so how could she let other men hold her casually? Fortunately, there was no one here. If the paparazzi took pictures of her, she would definitely be misunderstood by Vinton, and she couldn't explain herself even if she jumped into Yellow River.

However, she had to admit that his embrace was very warm, like a furnace to a person who was about to freeze to death. She subconsciously curled up and greedily sucked his heat.

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