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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 95 You Pissed Me Off

At eight o'clock sharp in the morning, the designers and stars arrived at the studio on time.

The moment they entered the room, they were all dumbfounded.

Essie and Nicole immediately rushed towards the mannequin wearing the dress Essie had made.

Mortified, they saw that there were several holes at the hem of her dress.

"Who did this?" Beck, Nicole's assistant, shouted.

The photographer immediately called everyone in the crew of the program over.

"Was it bitten by a mouse?" one of them muttered.

"It's more than one foot away from the ground. How could a mouse do it? Jump on it and bite? What's more, none of the others are ruined, just ours. I think someone must have felt threatened by how well we were doing, so he deliberately destroyed our dress! Don't you all agree?" Beck said unkindly.

The director pointed angrily at several cameras on the wall. "When did you turn them off?"

"After everyone has left and the room has been closed," the photographer answered.

"It should be on twenty-four hours a day!" The director's eyes were burning with anger as he shouted at the air. The show hadn't even started yet, but it was already in chaos.

"Should we delay the shooting?" the assistant standing behind him asked.

"Since the special guest is already here and audiences will be here on time, we can't afford to delay the shoot," the supervisor said.

"So are you telling me that I will have to wear this dress and tell everyone that a mouse ruined it?" Nicole snorted and cast a sharp glance at Zoe. She thought to herself, 'This bitch must have messed it up. She wants to humiliate me and kick me out.' Zoe then stared back at her with a gloating look on her face. Meanwhile, Sunny, who was standing next to Zoe, was laughing in a sinister and complacent manner.

'You little bitch, you're dead!' Sunny thought.

However, Essie was not in the mood to think about who the culprit was. The only thing she could think of was how to save the dress. "The program can be recorded as usual. I can find a way to fix it." While saying that, she picked up a pair of scissors and walked towards her dress.

The director asked the photographer to record the whole scene. In this way, the audience's interest might be increased.

Then, Essie cut off the damaged part and altered the hem of the dress to be asymmetrical.

"The dress used to be nimble, elegant and graceful, but now it is edgy and nifty," Joel said, giving Essie a thumbs up. The other designers also gave their praises to her. They had thought before that she already had a design for her dress before the competition had even begun, but now, they completely believed in her extraordinary talent and ability as a designer.

Nicole smiled, making everyone in the crew feel relieved. The director and the supervisor had a favorable impression of Essie. They thought that a beautiful and capable woman like Essie would guarantee the recognition of their show!

After sewing the well-tailored dress, Essie walked towards the cosmetics and accessories sponsored by a famous brand to select shoes, make-up, and a hairstyle for Nicole.

Following Essie's suggestion, the make-up artist dolled Nicole up as a beautiful and cool summer goddess. Nicole looked at herself in the mirror and was quite satisfied with her look.

It was the first time that Essie had ever been in a studio. When she waited in the lounge at the backstage, her heart thumped nervously. She was dressed in a low-key style. Just a white T-shirt, a casual skirt, and some light natural makeup. First of all, Nicole was the main focus for this show. She didn't want anyone to focus the camera on her. However, since her T-shirt had the name of her shop and her website printed on it, she secretly asked the photographer to get a close shot of her clothes. She had no idea how far she could go, and she didn't want to miss the chance to get some publicity for her shop.

Nicole managed not to look into her eyes to avoid laughing.

Essie didn't know that Zac had come. He was sitting in the middle of the audience. He wore a baseball cap, and the brim of his hat was so low that it covered half of his handsome face. Furthermore, he wore a pair of black rimmed sunglasses. This way, even if the photographer accidentally captured him on camera, no one would recognize him.copy right hot novel pub