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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 667 Who Wants To Kill Me (Part One)

A bloodthirsty rage rose on Jim's face. He knew it wouldn't be that simple. The explosion of the hand warming bag and the broken ice. They were too many accidents that they could not just be accident but a conspiracy!

While he was thinking, the doorbell rang.

He waved at Neil, who walked to the door and said, "Boss, it's Miss Fang."

Jim's dark eyes twinkled. He picked up the mask and put it on. Then he nodded slightly, indicating him to open the door.

After Eva came in, Neil went out. He had something important to do.

Putting the dessert on the table, Eva smiled and said, "Scum Jim, I don't know how to make soup, so I made several appetizers for you to replenish your body."

"Put down the desserts and you can leave now," Jim said expressionlessly.

"I've made all the dessert for two people. I'm your companion of meal. Of course I have to go after finish eating them with you." Eva's curly long eyelashes fluttered like a pair of butterfly wings.

Jim frowned and tightened the mask on his nose, fearing that the cold virus would spread out with his breath and infect her. She just recovered and was discharged from the hospital. She was still very weak. It would be worse if she caught a cold again.

"I don't need your company today. You can go back right away," He ordered.

But Eva didn't care at all. She was the only one in the entertainment circle who was not afraid of death and dared to go against him.

"You always stop eating when you are seventy percent full. But now I have made each dessert the sum for two people. You won't be able to finish it.copy right hot novel pub