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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 666 Heaven Pepper, You Are Not Allowed To Die

Eva realized that something was wrong, but before she could run away, the ice under her feet was completely broken. She fell heavily into the ice lake, sinking, sinking...

She had a strong fear of drowning. The moment she fell into the water, her mind went blank and she couldn't even struggle. It was five degrees below zero. The water in the lake was freezing cold, and her limbs quickly stiffened. When the ice water poured into her throat, her internal organs were about to freeze.

Mandy looked at her coldly not far away with a malicious smile on her face. 'Eva, I will see if you die this time!'

But her complacency only lasted for a second, and a tall figure swept over like a hurricane.

Taking off his inconvenient coat, Jim jumped into the ice water without hesitation. His assistants and bodyguards had no time to stop him, so they had to take rescue measures outside.

The cold water in the lake was piercing, like a blade scratching Jim's muscles, trying to freeze him and stop him from moving. He clenched his teeth and tried his best to forget the cold and not to be affected in his action. He was experienced in swimming in ice water. When he was trained in the US Navy, ice water operations were a necessary test.

At this moment, he completely forgot his own safety. The only thing in his mind was to save this heaven pepper.

Lying at the bottom of the cold lake, Eva had completely lost her consciousness. Seeing that she was dying, Jim had a strong sense of fear that he had never experienced before. He was afraid that he would lose this troublesome enemy. That no one would argue with him again. No one could make him playful. No one would be his appetizer, so that he would have a good appetite.

'Heaven pepper, hold on. You're an immortal fighter. You'll be fine!'

He grabbed her hand, pulled her into his arms and swam towards the water with her.

Her body was as cold as iron, without any warmth, as if her life was also fading away. His heart was entangled.

When they reached the surface of the water, the ambulance and local police had arrived and saved them.

Because it was too cold outside, the doctor quickly lifted Eva into the ambulance and turned the heat up to the maximum.

Jim also jumped up, forgetting to change his wet clothes, only wearing a blanket.

Eva lay motionless on the operating table. Her face was as pale as paper, and even her lips were colorless.

She had lost her vital signs.

The doctor kept giving her CPR, but she still didn't respond.

"Is she still alive?" a nurse asked.

The doctor shook his head and sighed.

Jim jumped up like a needle, "Of course she can be saved. You can't give up, neither can she." He pulled the doctor away, threw away the blanket and gave her CPR.

The muscles all over his body were taut to the extreme, like a string that was about to break, and the temperature in his blood quickly dropped to the edge of freezing. However, these were not because he had been soaked in ice water. They were extremely cold, but because of excessive, incomparable tension and anxiety.

"Heaven pepper, you are not allowed to die. You haven't paid off my debt of gratitude. If you dare to die, I'll go to the King of Hell and ask him to lock you up. I won't give you anything to eat for one hundred or one thousand years. "

She was a top-grade foodie and was afraid of hunger the most. As long as he threatened her, she would definitely be scared. So she would not dare to die.

But Eva didn't respond, as if her soul had been taken away by the cold lake.

Jim opened her mouth, breathed in air for her, and then pressed her heart repeatedly and incessantly.copy right hot novel pub