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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 665 A Hint From The Wife

Her face was full of fake smiles, and the corners of her mouth were so big that they almost touched her ears. The bigger she smiled, the angrier she was.

"Our family always uses our own chef to make birthday parties, and it's the first time that we use an outsider," she said jokingly.

"The Yi family is our relative in law. Why is it an outsider?" Albert glanced at her.

"Oh, I forgot. Luce has remarried and her daughter has been brought there. And I always regarded Essie as a member of the Xu family," Mary said jokingly.

But of course, Albert understood what she meant. His face darkened slightly, and he didn't want to talk to her anymore. He called the Butler over and said, "Go to the kitchen to have a look. If our uncle in law is finished, invite him to come over and take a seat."

Uncle Li nodded and walked outside.

Mary's mouth seemed to be stung by a bee and tilted to one side. It was a slap in the face when Albert invited the uncle of the Yi family to take a seat.

The one who was as unhappy as her was Leila. She had expected to see a joke of Essie, but she didn't expect that she not only made the full cow banquet, but also moved the banquet of the Emperor Qianlong out. This woman was really an immortal fighter. She could always survive in desperate situations.

After the lunch, Essie went into her room to have a rest, accompanied by Zac.

"Are you tired?" He put his arm around her shoulder.

"No, I'm not tired. Zac, let's watch a movie." As Essie spoke, she opened the family cinema and released the old classic movie 'Ghost' in the nineties.

"It's so old. Why are you still watching it?" Zac smiled.

"The older the movie is, the more classic it is." Essie curled her lips.

She didn't just want to watch the movie, but to make the man realize an important thing that he had forgotten.

Although she knew that this was his character, he was very restrained in love. He didn't like to talk about love, but put it into action. But she really wanted to hear him say 'I love you', so that she could be completely sure that his love for her was real, not physiological need.

When the movie was played, the heroine said to the hero, "I love you", there was a sly light

in Essie's eyes. "You know what? This is the most thought-provoking part of the movie. Every time the heroine says 'I love you' to the hero, the hero will answer 'ditto', which is also what I mean. He will never say 'I love you' to the heroine directly."

She paused and pointed at the screen. "You see how disappointed the heroine is. The hero died, and the heroine didn't hear him say that I love you even once. Don't you think the hero is too reserved? If you love someone, you should express it loudly and directly. Why do you hide it in your heart? She is not your mind reader. How can she know what you are thinking? "

Zac gently rubbed her nose and said, "It's just a movie. How can it attract the audience if there is no stunt?"

It seemed that he didn't understand what she meant.

Was this the level of a man with an IQ score of two hundred plus? He couldn't even comprehend such a simple and clear hint. Was it because of his insufficient Eq. or was he pretending to be ignorant? He didn't want to say it because he didn't love her enough?

A strong sense of loss surged in her heart like the waves. She was depressed, gloomy, and a little annoyed.copy right hot novel pub