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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 664 Honey, Don't Be Too Coquettish

Seeing the expression on Essie's face, Mary felt very comfortable. She felt that she had hit the nail on the head and made the other party unable to fight back. She smiled and left.

Zac held her in his arms and said, "It doesn't matter. The whole lambs' feast is not bad. Dad will like it."

Shrugging her shoulders, Essie looked calm. If Mary wanted to fight her to the death, she would accompany her!

This birthday party, instead of using the dessert master of the Rong Mansion, Essie had booked it from the pastry shop of the Qi family. In order to prepare the dessert for the birthday party of the Rong family, Percy cancelled all the other orders and personally took her chefs to make the desserts.

The second day, before dawn, the desserts from Qi's shop were delivered. Not long after their car left, a huge refrigerated truck arrived in front of the iron gate of the Rong Mansion, followed by a bus. They came from Jiang City.

There were cows for the full cow banquet in the refrigerator truck, and a famous chef team from the old shop of the Yi family was in the car. The leader of the team was the fifty-third generation successor of the time-horned shop of the Yi family, and the uncle of Essie, Benson.

Essie was waiting at the gate.

"Uncle." She smiled at Benson.

"My little niece, I'll take care of the whole cow feast today," Benson said with a smile. His niece had become the hostess of the Rong Mansion. As a member of the family, of course the Yi family had to cheer her up.

"Thank you, uncle." Essie nodded.

Therefore, the big kitchen prepared to make the full beef banquet in the Rong Mansion was taken over by the chef team of the Yi family. Essie asked the chefs who were supposed to be in charge to be the helpers of the full, formal banquet in the evening.

At this time, Alena and Abel were appreciating the desserts sent by the Qi family's shop, including the various dessert in shapes of immortal figures related to Chinese tales.

"It's so exquisite. The name is also festive," Alena praised with a smile.

"Yeah, it's really good." Abel nodded.

With a gentle smile, Essie said, "Grandpa, grandma, you don't know that the dessert shop of Qi family has a deep relationship with the time-horned shop of our Yi family."

"Oh?" Alena smiled and said, "Tell me."

"The ancestors of the Qi clan and the Yi clan are not only the imperial cooks, but also colleagues. They are all cooking in the imperial dining room of the emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. The patriarch of the Qi clan is in charge of the staple dishes, while our Yi family is in charge of the red board. Every time there was an imperial banquet, the desserts of the Qi clan will match the dishes of the Yi clan. They are a perfect match! " Essie said with a slight smile.

"Then we will have a good meal today," Abel said with a smile.

The banquet halls of the Rong Mansion was large and was specially used to entertain guests. At eleven o'clock, the guests came one after another. The Rong family only held a birthday party for the master of the family, and the whole life of Abel and Alena. Others' birthday were just family gathering.

Lucy came with Bob, Baron came with his son, Holy. They were all came in the name of the family of the new hostess of the Rong family. Essie took the children to meet their parents, and Zac went to Baron's side to avoid losing balance.

Looking at the harmonious family, Baron felt a little sad. Especially when she heard that the baby in Essie's belly had to follow the surname of Bob Yi after birth, he felt even worse. She used to be his favorite little daughter, but now she only called another man father, and

she was so strange and alienated from him.

"Your uncle is busy in the kitchen. Your mother and I will go in and say hello to him," Bob said. Benson came from Jiang City directly and hadn't met his brother and sister-in-law yet.

Essie nodded, asked the servant to take them to the kitchen, and then took the children to Baron.copy right hot novel pub