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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 642 Tell The Truth

After being dismissed from the position of the hostess, Mary had nothing to do. In the morning, she went shopping to vent her anger. As soon as he heard that Mrs. Rose was here, she went to the garden to have a look.

Coming from the gravel path, she saw Albert and Mrs. Rose sitting in the pavilion. The two of them talked and laughed happily.

A hint of malicious jealousy flashed through her eyes. During this period of time, Albert had neglected her. A crack in the relationship between husband and wife was the easiest time for a mistress to step in. She must be on guard against anyone.

"What are you talking about?" She put on a fake smile and walked over.

When Albert saw her, the smile on his face faded slowly. Such an obvious reaction made her very uncomfortable.

"Sister, are you feeling better?" Mrs. Rose asked.

"I won't die," Mary said angrily. Her biggest problem was her worry.

"Well, you can have a talk with brother-in-law. I'll go to the children's side." Seeing that she was not happy, Mrs. Rose stood up and left.

Mary sat on her seat and looked at Albert who sat at her opposite seat, "Albert, are you going to punish me for those fabricated charges? I was almost killed by Lucy. Am I not a victim? "

With a gloomy and serious look on his face, Albert said, "Justice has long arms. It's not easy to find a scapegoat to get rid of sin." After saying that coldly, he stood up and walked outside. Seeing her attitude, he didn't want to waste his time talking.

Looking at his back, Mary felt a spasm all over her body. She had thought that she was smart enough to let Elizabeth push Pitkin out and be the scapegoat, so that she could hide the truth. But she didn't expect that Albert didn't believe her at all. No wonder he became so cold and removed her position as the hostess of the family.

It must be Lucy and her mother who made trouble. Nobody knew how many bad words these two had said to Albert behind her back. Two tramps, one stole her husband and the other stole her son, she wouldn't let them go.

When Zac came back, the nannies had just picked up the children from school.

"Mommy, I've been thinking about it for the whole day. Finally, I know what birthday gift I'm going to give daddy Hanson." Blinking her big eyes, Mili looked at Essie with a sweet smile on her face.

Hearing this, Zac's face darkened. He rubbed her black hair angrily and said, "Little girl, did you pay so much attention to your father on my birthday?"

"It's different. I can celebrate your birthday every year, but if daddy Hanson gets married with someone else, I can't celebrate his birthday anymore," Mili said seriously.

"Not necessarily." Dot glanced at Ivy and said, "If daddy Hanson and aunt get married, we can still celebrate his birthday."

"Little boy, what are you talking about?" Ivy flipped her hair at the temples of her ears. A little shyness and a little disappointment flashed across her face. She had prepared the birthday gift for Hanson three months ago. She thought she could celebrate his birthday with him, but he refused her coldly because he said he had his own arrangement.

Dot seemed to have read her mind. He patted her on the shoulder and said, "Aunt, if Mommy can't marry daddy Hanson, you are the most suitable person for him. Don't be discouraged. We will help you.copy right hot novel pub