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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 9 I'm Taking Advantage Of Her

"Go ahead." Thinking of this, Essie sighed in relief. She would do anything as long as his list of requests weren't asking too much of her.

"First, no affairs. You don't cheat on me. Second, you'll have to take care of me,"

he said seriously as his lips straightened into a thin line.

How dare he? The first condition didn't even make any sense! The second one was that he obviously intended to treat her like a slave. As they say, if one handed you lemons, you can just go and make lemonade. She shook her head at the thought.

But as long as she could win the bet against Sunny, then she could bear all of it. After all, it was only for two months.

"Fine, but you should also behave yourself. Don't take advantage of me," she warned him.

"I've seen every part of your body, and there is absolutely no part that I haven't touched. What else can I take advantage of?" he teased.

Essie flushed, wishing that the ground beneath her could swallow her right up. She wanted to curse him into the oblivion as she turned and walked towards the bus stop.

When they were waiting for the bus to arrive, a woman walked up to them. "It's you two! What a coincidence!" she exclaimed.

Essie furrowed her eyebrows, thinking that the woman must've mistaken her for some other person. "That day when you registered at the Civil Affairs Bureau, my husband and I were also registering at the same time.copy right hot novel pub