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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 637 Mary Was Not Hostess Of The Family

"Mommy, daddy." Essie greeted them in a low voice, with a gentle smile on her face. At this time, she had to show respect and magnanimity, or she would be regarded as narrow-minded woman

Mary snorted angrily. Being ignored by Albert for the past few days, she was on the verge of breaking down. How could she still pretend to smile?

"It's good you come here." Albert smiled at her and was very satisfied with her performance.

Mary thought this tramp was here to laugh at her. She must have known that she was out of favor. Fortunately, her son was on her side now and had never doubted her behavior. Otherwise, she would lose this battle completely.

Walt and Leila were also there. Leila was very happy in her heart. The battle between Mary and Essie was really wonderful, but it was a pity that Essie, an immortal fighter, fought back again and was not driven away.

"Daddy, is there anything you want us to do?" Zac asked.

"I'm going to have a family meeting today." Said Albert.

Mary's heart jolted, and she had a vague sense of foreboding. The last time Albert held such a serious family meeting was more than 20 years ago, he announced that he would bring Minny home.

What did he want to do this time?

When all the family members were all here, Albert called the uncle Li into the meeting room.

Albert looked serious, and the air in the meeting room also became solemn.

"Recently, Mary has just recovered from a serious illness and needs a long time to recover. In addition, she is getting old. It's time for her to enjoy her old age. These days, Essie helped Mary manage the family affairs and handled everything in an orderly way. So I've thought about it. From now on, Essie will take charge of this house. "

His words caused a great uproar in the meeting room.

Obviously, he was going to change the hostess.

Mary twitched violently with her face turning pale and blue. When Albert slept in separate rooms with her, it had already aroused the private discussion of the servants in the house. If he had to deprive her of the position of hostess, wouldn't they slap both her left face and her right face?

What position and prestige would she have in the family in the future?

"I'm fine. I'll recover after resting for a few days. Essie is pregnant now. How can she deal with so many complicated things? Would you think about it again?"

A sharp look flashed across Essie's face. She quickly answered, "it doesn't matter, mommy. I'm not that fragile, and it's not my first child. I don't need to be too careful. Your health is very important. You can rest for a period of time. When you recover completely, this house will be handed over to you. "

She had a considerate and caring smile on her face, and her words were very euphemistic. But Mary understood what she meant. It was obvious that she was seizing power and asking her to retire.

Zac didn't say anything. Although in his opinion, it was not appropriate for his father to change the hostess at this time. He didn't want to show mercy to his mother. But since Essie said so, if he had to object, he might be kicked out of bed again tonight.

He tried his best to make her obedient last night. He didn't want the relationship between them to be worse.

Noticing that Albert wouldn't change his decision, Leila took the opportunity and said, "Dad, Essie is pregnant. She can't work too hard. Let me help her. I can learn how to run a family.copy right hot novel pub