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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 89 Don't Touch It (Part One)

The storm grew increasingly fierce and showed no signs of abating.

Most of the coconut trees on the beach were uprooted. It looked like the end of the world was approaching. The terrible weather affected the air inside the cave.

Zac groaned, a tinge of pain flashing across his eyes.

Essie anxiously watched his movements.

Although she kicked with no great strength, Zac himself was at the most vulnerable state that a man could be in, even someone who was extremely heroic and strong as he was.

Taking a deep breath and letting go of her, Zac sat up and said, "Honey, let it go, or you won't be happy in the future."

Her face contorted in a slight grimace. "If it fails, you're going to use your brain, for sure, and you will never be fickle in love."

His face took on a bitter, aggrieved smile. "Evidently, it recognizes only you. How could I be fickle?"

Zac sounded like an affronted virgin. But in Essie's mind, he was a playboy who went through thousands of battles and won many girls' hearts. And Leila was one of them.

Again, the thought inexplicably made her feel bitter. She turned her back on him to tidy up the hay, lay down, and closed her eyes. "I'm sleepy. I want to sleep for a while."

He lowered his head and sighed slightly, looking extremely pitiful in his dejection.

By the next morning, the storm had blown over, and the sea became quiet again.

The hiker leader and Mandy arrived with several patrolmen.

Last night, after the leader went ashore, she counted down the number of people on her team. As soon as she realized that Essie was missing, she immediately called the police.

However, they had no choice but to wait until morning because the storm was too strong.

In order to cover up her crimes, Mandy pretended to be worried and sad over Essie's disappearance.

However, her feigned agitation became real when she realized that Zac was also on the island. Her beautiful face reddened with her extreme jealousy. If not for the fact the she was in public and had an image to uphold, she would have stepped forward and slapped that bitch.

"I'm glad you're all right." The leader heaved a sigh of relief and apologized for her negligence.

Mandy cast a cold sidelong glance at Essie.copy right hot novel pub