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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 630 Being Unreasonable

"Uncle, aunt, will I go to jail? I didn't expect it to be so serious. I thought she just had a rash and everything would be fine with some medicine. " Joy was a little scared. He wouldn't be afraid if it was an ordinary person who would sue him, but it was the mother-in-law of Essie and the hostess of the family. If she couldn't let him go, Essie might have no choice.

Bob sighed. Joy was the only child of his brother. He was only twenty years old now. How could he watch him go to jail and ruin his bright future and life?

"Tomorrow, your aunt and I will go to the hospital to visit Mary and apologize to her. Let's see if she can drop the lawsuit."

"Dad, I will go back and persuade my mom. They are all relatives. She won't make things difficult for him." Said Zac in a low voice.

Essie sneered in her heart. She had no hope for Mary.

She didn't leave with Zac, but asked him to leave first. Zac didn't say anything more and left alone.

Bob noticed that there was something wrong with the two people today. After Zac disappeared at the door, he asked in a low voice, "Essie, did you quarrel with Zac because of this matter?"

"No, I didn't. It's just that there are some things I can't say when he was here, so I have to send him away first." With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Essie tried her best to put on a relaxed expression in case her parents would worry about her.

"Essie, what do you want to say?" Lucy asked hurriedly.

"Now that Mary chose to call the police, it means that she not only won't give up, but also wants to make the matter a big deal and let mom be the target of public criticism." Essie analyzed rationally.

"A clean hand wants no washing. I've never done it. I'm not afraid of her, Mary!" Lucy said angrily. She didn't get even with her, but she still wanted to get even with her.

"Mom, although there is no evidence to prove that you are innocent, there is no evidence to prove that it was you who instigated you to do so. So you will be fine. But Joy is different. He did it. If Mary insist on suing him, he is likely to be in jail. "

"I don't want to be in jail. Sister, I also want to help you vent your anger. You must save me." Hearing this, Joy was so frightened that tears fell down.

"How could I not save you?" Stroking his head, Essie said, "Dad, we'll take Joy to the hospital to find Mary and apologize to her as you said tomorrow. It's her business whether she will accept it or not, but we have to put it ahead of others. We can't let others tell the truth. "

Bob nodded.

At this time, instead of going back to the villa, Zac went straight to the hospital to visit Mary.

Mary was waiting for him.

"Mommy, how do you know it was Joy who did it?" Asked Zac in a low voice, with a sharp look in his eyes.

"You can investigate, and I can also investigate. How can I be indifferent to someone who wants to kill me?" Mary said casually, "I don't want to tolerate adultery any more. I'll leave it to the police."

"Mommy, Joy is also a relative of our family. You don't have to be too cruel. What's more, if this matter is spread out, it will have a bad impact. It's better to deal with it internally. " Zac advised.

"Internal treatment?" Mary snorted, "will Luce obediently admit that she instigated Joy to do it? I'm afraid that she is unwilling to admit her guilt now. I must ask the police to investigate her as soon as possible and find out who she is! "

"It's still uncertain whether my mother-in-law did it or not.copy right hot novel pub