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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 628 Probationary Period

Essie made a bowl of chicken soup and took it to the hospital with Zac to visit Mary.

The servant took the chicken soup and was about to feed it to Mary. Mary waved her hand and said, "no, thanks. I can't afford it. I have only half of my life left. I can't stand it anymore. "

"Mommy, if you don't want to drink it, I'll drink it." Zac frowned, opened the heat preservation box, poured half a bowl of chicken soup, and sat in front of the sofa to drink it. "This is the chicken soup made by my wife herself. She is pregnant. I advise her not to be busy and let Jane cook it, but she insisted cooking it herself. She said it is her filial piety, and the chef at home can't cook it so delicious."

He said slowly. He said these words on purpose to let Mary hear, but Mary didn't appreciate it at all. She felt uncomfortable when she saw Essie.

"Well, if you like it, you can drink it yourself. I'm used to the food cooked by my cook, and I'm not used to eating others' food."

Zac's face darkened. His mother's stubbornness gave him a headache. Yesterday, an apology could solve the problem, but she refused to say it. Essie had been busy all morning and cooked chicken soup for her. She didn't want to drink it at all. Obviously, she didn't want to improve their relationship.

Essie sighed slightly. She knew that petty people like Mary couldn't let go of the grudge.

"Zac, stay here with mommy. I'll go back first."

Zac nodded and asked the bodyguards to escort Essie out. He had something to talk to Mary.

"Mommy, you are lying in the hospital. I shouldn't have said anything, but I really don't understand what you are thinking about? Don't you want to dissolve the feud with Essie and her mother for many years? "

"You mean I should apologize to Luce?" Mary frowned.

"You owe them." Zac said in a serious tone.

"I don't owe her anything. She owed me." Mary suddenly became agitated and raised her voice by eight degrees.

"What does she owe you?" Zac looked at her in confusion.

"I don't want to tell you anything, but since you think it's my fault, I'll tell you." Mary took a deep breath and said, "Luce is a coquette. After she married Baron, she behaved indecently and seduced your father to destroy our marriage."

"How could it be possible? Did you make a mistake? How could my mother-in-law have anything to do with my father?" said Zac, shocked.

"Your father is on good terms with Baron. They often gather together. Luce, that coquettish girl, hasn't been satisfied to marry Baron. Seeing your father handsome and unrestrained, she has an idea of him and secretly seduced him. She was pretty when she was young, and your father was energetic. He couldn't afford to hook up with her, so he got involved with her. " Mary said angrily.

Zac's black eyes narrowed and a sharp light flashed across his eyes. "So, you helped Elizabeth not because of your friendship, but because you hate Luce and want to revenge on her, right?"

Mary's eyes twinkled, "I just want to add to Luce's crisis.copy right hot novel pub