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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 627 Almost Died

Because of the timely rescue, Mary was out of danger. The doctor's diagnosis was the same as Zac's guess. She was suffocated because of allergy. Fortunately, the treatment was timely, or her life would be in danger.

The bodyguards also called, and they found peanuts in the desert.

Obviously, it was this dessert that caused allergy.

"Didn't we tell the cook over and over again to put peanuts in one dish and not to put the other? Did he mess it up?" Asked Essie in confusion.

The owner of the restaurant had already rushed over. The Rong family is a distinguished guest of his restaurant, and he dare not offend them. Hearing this, he broke out in a cold sweat on his forehead. "I'll go back and check it now. I'll give Mr. Zac an explanation."

"Take everyone in your restaurant around." Zac said in a low voice.

"Yes, yes." The boss nodded submissively and then called to clear the restaurant. Everyone gathered outside the hospital building and waited for the investigation.

The chef in charge of making desserts told Zac that he made the two desserts separately. The one with black sesame seeds were added with peanuts, and the one with white sesame seeds were not added with peanuts.

Zac turned to the waiter who took the dessert in. What she said was opposite.

The waiter stared at the cook and said in astonishment, "no, it's not like that. The person who sent the desert to me said that the one with black sesame seeds were put no peanut, and the one with white sesame seeds were added peanuts."

"Who brought her the dessert?" The boss was almost roaring. His shop was full of celebrities in Dragon City. How could such a serious mistake be made?

No one answered.

The manager turned to the assistant chef and said, "aren't the dishes in VVIP room served by you?"

"At that time, I just washed my hands. When I came back, I found that the dishes had been taken away." The assistant chef explained.

"Who took it away? Stand out, or I'll call the police." The boss roared angrily and turned to the waiter, "what does that man look like? Do you see him clearly?"

"Everyone is wearing hats and masks. I can't see his face clearly. I know he is thin and tall." The waiter said. Because all the guests were distinguished guests, the restaurant was very strict with the sanitation. The food coming out of the kitchen was brought out by the assistant cook and handed to the waiter, and the people who went in and out of the kitchen must wear hats and masks.

"Can you tell from the voice?" Said Essie.

"I didn't listen carefully." The waiter lowered her head.

A bloodthirsty cruelty rose in Zac's eyes. It seemed that the problem was with the person who came out with the dishes. He must have done it on purpose to hurt his mother.

"Get all the surveillance video of your restaurant today." He ordered.

The owner of the restaurant nodded and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Essie asked the bodyguards to send Lucy back, and she and Zac stayed to take care of Mary.

Holding her shoulder, Zac said, "you're not feeling well. Go back and have a rest early. I'll stay."

"It's okay. It's still early. I'll wait for mommy to wake up." Essie smiled.

When Mary woke up, Walt and Leila received a call and rushed over. Albert was still in another city and didn't come back. Zac didn't call him because he didn't want him to worry.copy right hot novel pub