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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 622 You Know So Much

In the Blue Sea and Sunny Sky, Essie lay on the bed for a long time, staring blankly at the ceiling. She was thinking about a terrible deduction that she didn't even dare to think about anymore.

She had just visited her grandma the day before, and Lady Rose had proposed to take her home to live with her. However, something happened to her grandma on the second day. What a coincidence.

Was there someone who was afraid that she would tell the truth and expose her secret?

"What are you thinking about?" The low voice of Zac interrupted her thoughts.

"Zac, do you really believe that I didn't hurt grandma?" Turning around, Essie took a look at him.

He turned around, holding his head with one hand, and gently pinched the tip of her chin with the other. "Of course I believe you, but I know you are hiding something from me."

Hearing that, Essie trembled slightly. She raised her eyes and looked into his eyes. His eyes were deep and sharp, as if they could penetrate her heart at a glance and expose her secret.

She lowered her eyes in a hurry and covered them with her thick eyelashes, "no... No, I'm not. You're such a powerful man. How can I hide something from you? "

"Since you know it, why did you lie?" Zac's expression became serious. He frowned slightly. Apparently, he was a little unhappy.

Essie peeked at him through her eyelashes and touched his chest with her fingers naughtily. "What have you known?"

"I think there must be a secret in grandma's heart. You suspect that someone drugged her so that she became unconscious, so you bribed the nurse to stop the medicine secretly and wanted to inquire about this secret when she became sober. And someone wanted grandma to keep this secret forever, so grandma had an accident. " Said Zac in a low voice.

Essie admired him to the core. No wonder he was the number one in Dragon City. He was too shrewd, wise and powerful!

"Since you have already guessed it, why are you still pretending to be deaf?"

"Because I know this secret has something to do with mommy and auntie." Zac's deep eyes twinkled in the dark night.

"So you are hiding my intention from mommy," said Essie, letting out a sigh of relief.

Zac nodded slightly and asked in a questioning tone, "tell me, what are you suspecting?"

Without answering, Essie turned a corner and said, "now I'm trying to do a treatment for aunt to regain her memory. As long as she can remember what happened in the past, many secrets will be revealed, won't they?"

Zac thought for a while and said in a low voice, "the grudge between her and her mother will also be uncovered."

Essie was a little shocked. Zac was too shrewd to be exposed. Sometimes he was as clear as a mirror, but he pretended to know nothing.

"Tell me the story between your mommy and aunt as you know,"

"You should know a lot." Zac rubbed her nose. He believed that she must have heard a lot from his mother-in-law.

"I knew they all fell in love with your father at the same time." Essie pouted again.

Holding the back of his head with his hands, Zac said, "in fact, I don't know much. At that time, my aunt should be like Valery who was to achieve her goal by all means, because she looked so much like my mother. My father had fooled them. I heard that my aunt got pregnant and gave birth to a baby. "

"What?" Essie was so shocked that she almost sat up on the bed. How could Charlotte have a child with her father-in-law? This was the first time she had heard of it!

"Where is that child?"

"I don't know. When I was in America, I overheard that grandma said it when she was repenting in the church. Even my grandfather didn't know about it. Mommy and daddy never mentioned a word either.copy right hot novel pub