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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 619 The Secret Many Years Ago

"Even if there is only tinny hope, we can't give up," Zac said resolutely.

"Do you mean to let the murderer pollute my eyes here?" Mary pointed at Essie angrily and gritted her teeth.

"Mommy, I've invited the best expert from the United States to treat grandma. And I'll find out what happened to grandma in the nursing center. If there is really something wrong in the nursing center, I'll remove it directly," After saying that, Zac left with Essie.

Mary's face turned pale. As soon as they went out, she quickly picked up her phone and went upstairs.

On the second day, Baron came to Rong Mansion. He had heard about the matter of Suzan. He came here to support his daughter.

As soon as they entered the hall, Albert greeted each other politely and sat on the sofa together. Albert opened the cigar box on the tea table and said, "Baron, this is a cigar I just asked someone to buy from Cuba. Have a try."

Baron picked up one and sniffed it. He smiled faintly and said, "It smells good."

Albert handed him the fire and lit the cigar. He took a drag and puffed out a smoke ring. "Albert, how many years have it been since we sat and chatted like this?"

"It's been so long that I can't remember it clearly." Albert waved his hand and said, "We are old. Now the world is in the hands of the younger generations."

"Yes, I didn't expect that Cathy would still marry to Zac. They can also be regarded as the magic marriage even they were thousands of miles apart since they were children. " Baron sighed.

Albert nodded, "Essie is obedient, sensible and reasonable. It's our fortune to have such a daughter-in-law."

Baron took a drag on his cigar and looked at him with a slight smile. "Of course. My daughter is so shrewd and capable. It's a blessing for your family to marry my daughter."

"Yes." Albert smiled, "Since the first time Zac brought Essie home, I've been sighing that the God is a naughty man who is good at joking with the world. After so many years, the two kids finally got together. "

"Maybe he wants to make it up to you," Baron said in a low voice, with a mysterious light flashing in his eyes.

Albert's eyes darkened slightly. "We have agreed on a fair competition. Since Luce has chosen you, I will be sincerely convinced. But I didn't expect that you didn't cherish her and let her suffer so much. "

"I have never forgiven myself or expected to be forgiven on the matter of Luce. In the past twenty years, I have been living in self-blame. I'm sorry for Luce. I can't repay what I owe her for the rest of my life, but I hope I can make up for what I owe Cathy. " Baron sighed heavily.

Albert also knew why he came. "Baron, don't worry. It's just an accident. It has nothing to do with Essie. The Rong family and I won't make things difficult for Essie on this matter."

"I'm worried about your wife the most," Baron said straightforwardly.

"Mary is indeed a little excited, but this is only temporary. She will be fine when she calms down," Albert said.

"I hope so." Baron sighed. His eyes twinkled in the sun.copy right hot novel pub