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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 617 Who Am I

Albert had no choice but to leave for the time being. He knew clearly that Mary was putting pressure on Zac, not really joking with her life.

Leila actively cooperated with Mary.

She called Zac first, "Zac, come here quickly. Mommy doesn't want to eat. She has been hungry for a day. No matter how we persuaded her, she didn't listen. If it goes on like this, she will not be able to hold on. "

Zac didn't want to talk to her at all. He had seen through his mother's tricks. First she would cry. And second, she would make a scene. Last, she would threaten to hang herself. The first two moves didn't work, and she resorted to the last move.

Seeing that Zac was indifferent, Leila had to call Essie. As the chief culprit, it was impossible for her to hide and not solve the problem.

Essie also knew that Mary would never let her go this time. She wanted to take care of Suzan in the hospital to repent her wrong, but Mary didn't allow her to get close at all.

When she received the call from Leila, she was a little at a loss. She turned around and looked at Zac dejectedly. "Don't you go back to see Mommy?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Zac said casually, "Don't worry. Mom just scared us. If we don't pay attention to her, she won't make a scene. The more you care about her, the angrier she will be. "

Now the most important thing was to find the best doctor for grandma to help her wake up as soon as possible, but his mother forced him to divorce day and night. It was simply putting the cart before the horse.

Essie sighed. Anyway, she was responsible for what had happened.

The second day, she went to the nurse center and asked the nurse who secretly changed the medicine for Suzan.

"We don't know much about it. But a few days ago, nurse Zhang was fired by the dean for some reason. After she went back, she committed suicide by jumping off a building," a nurse said.

Essie was slightly shocked. Was she the nurse who wanted to harm Suzan? But now there was no evidence since she was death, so it was impossible to ask her about the situation.

After leaving the nursing center, she went to the hotel to look for Mrs. Rose. At this time, Mrs. Rose just came back from the hospital.

"Auntie, please trust me. I really didn't mean to hurt grandma. I was worried about the medicine, so I asked the nurse to stop the medicine for grandma in private. "

Mrs. Rose sighed, "I believe it's just an accident. I know you well after getting along with you for so long."

Essie paused and lowered her voice. Irene wasn't in the room, so she didn't have to worry too much. She just wanted to be careful that there were ears in the wall.

"Actually, there is another reason why I asked grandma to stop taking medicine secretly. Every time grandma took the medicine, she would become unconscious and did not know anyone. I want to see if grandma will become normal after she stops taking medicine? If so, it means that there is really something wrong with the medicine. "

"But grandma got insane after she stopped taking the medicine." A trace of sadness flashed across Mrs. Rose's face.

"I don't know why. When I went to see her the day before yesterday, she was in a good mental condition and could recognize me at a glance. She also asked about Mili and Dot. She said she was not sick and asked me to take her home... " Speaking of this, Essie stopped and began to cry.

"Essie, I believe you. You are pregnant now.copy right hot novel pub