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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 84 Hit You At Your Weak Point

Startled by the sudden acceleration of the car, Essie grabbed on her seat and said, "Hey, slow down!"

She wondered why he was trying to bring her home in a hurry. She figured it was because Leila would get so impatient waiting for him.

Men always got tired of old, and were fond of the new. After playing around for so long, he seemed to have grown tired.

Essie already had enough of having her heart broken into pieces. Now, she didn't want to end up losing her life.

"Zac, I'm telling you, the last time you had a rare chance of getting your way out. However, you failed to seize it and you missed your chance. I have now decided to watch your performance and I get to decide when we get divorced." She folded her arms across her chest and said these words loud and clear.

The cast of gloom disappeared on his face. He slowed down the car and said with a smile, "What do you mean?" He raised his left eyebrow and his eyes began to spark a tinge of light within the darkness.

"If you treat me well and make me happy, I will move the divorce a day earlier. However, if you displease me, I will postpone it for another day," she said sweetly with eyelashes that fluttered like wings. Now, she had complete control of him and had seized the initiative. If he wanted his freedom to be with Leila, all he had to do was listen to her and make her happy.

She was too caught up in her triumph to notice that he had smiled with a mischievous look in his eyes.

The situation seemed to have reversed dramatically.

Now, he didn't need to lay his cards on the table, but to put all his efforts into tormenting this confused little girl.

She had been mistreated countless of times, while she spent the whole time treating him like her first love.

He never realized that the confused little girl intended to abuse herself.

"You seem to have gotten it all wrong. Shouldn't my good performance make you more reluctant to leave me?" He couldn't help but giggle a little.

Essie threateningly put her face close to his and looked at him with narrowed eyes. "There's no need to play dumb. I've already noticed how badly you want a divorce, but unfortunately for you, I've been in a bad mood and don't want to give in to your desires." Before she could complete her words, she was flicked hard on her forehead.

This was Zac's punishment.

'I wanted to divorce? Does she even use her eyes? She isn't only stupid, but blind as well!' he thought to himself.copy right hot novel pub