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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 602 Carve A Bastard On Her Face

"I can read your mind on your face. Do I need to go in your heart and read it?" Jim sneered.

How is that possible? Eva unconsciously turned her head to look at herself in the mirror not far away. Her nose, eyes and mouth were all very normal and honest, so she wouldn't reveal the secret. It must be because this guy had a pair of golden eyes that he could peep her heart. She must be careful in the future. She had to pretend to be paralyzed in front of him so that he could not see anything.

After getting off the plane, she directly took a taxi to the Xu family's manor.

Hearing that Jim and Eva came together, Elizabeth was a little surprised. This bitch was still alive, which meant that the person she sent had failed. This time, she must come to blame her. But why did Jim come here? Did she find a helper?

He had heard that she had an affair with Jim. Was it true?

This coquettish girl was so awesome. She even managed to deal with Jim. Elizabeth thought she couldn't underestimate her!

When they came in, Elizabeth sat upright and said seriously, "what brings you two here?"

"Of course I have something to tell you. Can I come to you if I have nothing to do with you? Aunt! " Eva deliberately called the word "aunt" loud and forcefully. Elizabeth's face darkened as she heard it.

Jim sat opposite her, took out his phone from his pocket and played the video of interrogation of her assistant.

He liked to get straight to the point.

In the video, the man was tied to a pillar, and his chest was carved with a pattern of insects. Every time the needle went down, he screamed like a pig. After the carving was finished, honey was smeared on it. Soon, ants climbed up along his legs in groups, drawing a dark pattern of insects.

Elizabeth felt her scalp tingling and her stomach churning.

"Why do you show me this?"

"Aunt, he has told me everything you asked him to do. You hired a killer for murder." Eva stared at her coldly.

"Don't listen to his nonsense. I have fired him a long time ago. He must be full of resentment, so he deliberately slandered me." Elizabeth tried her best to keep calm.

"I've asked someone to investigate it before I came here. He went shopping with you yesterday and helped you take many bags. Even if you fired him this morning, he didn't have time to plot a plot to frame you. " Eva sneered.

"I don't care. It's not that easy to accuse me just by his nonsense!" Elizabeth was used to hiring killers, as if a dead pig was not afraid of hot water.

Jim had expected that, so he opened another video unhurriedly. With a light tap of his slender index finger, it came the scream of Valery in horror.

He Jim was going to settle accounts with her. Even if she was dead, she couldn't get away with it.

Elizabeth's face turned pale in an instant. She suddenly jumped up from the sofa, and the corners of her mouth couldn't help twitching. "What do you want to do to Valery?"

"Mrs. Elizabeth, don't worry too much. I just let them carve a few flowers on your daughter's face. It's not a big deal." Jim's tone was as slow as a breeze, but it was enough to make Elizabeth tremble with fear.

"Jim, don't push me too far. The Xu family and the Jing family never fight with each other. If you want to ride on the top of our family, you have to weigh your own weight."

Jim sneered and ignored her. He pressed the Bluetooth button on his earphone and ordered in a low and clear voice, "carve a bastard on her left face first."

"Yes, boss." A voice came through from the video, followed by Valery's wail.

Elizabeth's face seemed to be stung by a ferocious bee, and her whole body was twisted in horror. She could no longer maintain calm.copy right hot novel pub