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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 600 I'm Not Afraid With You Beside Me

Speaking of this, Jim's charming eyes twinkled slightly. He took out his cell phone from his pocket and put it on the table. "Heaven pepper. After dinner, I'll share a micro movie I made and directed for you."

Eva raised her eyebrows slightly. Looking at his mysterious appearance, she didn't know what trick he was up to, but she didn't ask more. She had to fill her stomach first.

Although Jim had a good appetite, he tried his best to control it. When he was seventy percent full, he put down his chopsticks. It couldn't be the third time. He had lost control of himself for this Heaven pepper for two times.

The rest of the dishes on the table were all swept away by Eva, and there was not even a leaf left. Jim admired her appetite again. He found another benefit of eating with her. The food would not be wasted.

Half an hour later, he opened the video.

Eva soon understood what he meant. He was afraid that she would vomit. She soon recognized that the person who bit the insect leg was her half-sister, Shelly.

Seeing her wailing and almost spitting out all her internal organs, she could vent her hatred as much as she wanted.

According to Vinton, the person who hurt her last time was this bad woman. She even dared to provoke the most evil man in Dragon City. She deserved it.

It was said that Jim had created nine hundred and eighty-one kinds of evil tricks. If anyone offended him, he would be out of luck. In the Dragon City, everyone knew that whoever provoked Zac must feel that life was worse than death, and whoever provoked Jim must seek death with all his heart.

"Scum Jim, you are quite talented!" She gave a thumbs up. Biting the leg of the millipedes? This guy was so creative.

A wicked smile appeared on Jim's face. It was invented by him when he was five years old. There were many more exciting and wonderful tricks.

However, looking at the happy heaven pepper, he found that her bearing capacity was beyond his expectation. Vinton couldn't even drink coffee when he watched for a while.

"Scum Jim, I heard that you have created a lot of tricks. When can I have a chance to see other tricks?" Eva said with a smile.

"Don't you want to have a try yourself?" Jim grinned wickedly.

"Scum Jim. I'm not afraid of bugs. I raised bugs when I was a child." Eva stuck out her tongue. She was called Bold Fang when she was a child and dared to do anything.

Jim could tell that she was a wild girl.

"There are not only bugs, but also insects that flying in the sky, swimming in the water and running on the ground. You can choose as you like." His weird smile made her hair stand on end.

"Scum Jim, is it really good to be so evil?"

"The law of the jungle is the law of nature," Jim said indifferently. Mercy to the enemy was cruelty to himself.

These words sounded irrefutable. But in Eva's opinion, the person should be forgiven when necessary. Unless this person was really too hateful, such as the kind of people like Wendy and Elizabeth and her daughter, who provoked over and over again, which was intolerable.

In the Xu family's manor, Elizabeth was trying to persuade Vinton. Knowing that he also wanted to be the executive vice president, she felt more and more crisis.copy right hot novel pub