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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 598 Have Meals With Me

"Don't look down upon us. Being a foodie is also a kind of ability, you know?" Eva rested her hands on her hips and stared at him angrily, "there is a difference between eating and unrestrained greed. The highest level of our foodie is that as long as it belongs to food, we can eat it. We won't get fat no matter what we eat, and we won't get sick no matter what we eat. Can you? "

Jim was willing to admit defeat. What he ate was exquisite, nutritious and healthy, and every meal was only seven percent full.

"Heaven pepper, if eating is a special skill, you finally have a special skill." He said slowly.

Eva snorted and pointed at the desserts on the table, "aren't these my specialties?"

"Well, now you have two specialties," Jim shrugged his shoulders and looked reluctant. Seeing this, Eva became more furious. This Jim was always arrogant and contemptuous of all living beings, which was really annoying.

"Jim, why didn't I see anything special about you? Except for your handsome face, you have nothing special. However, your look is a gift from your parents and it has nothing to do with you. I can't find your advantages with the help of a micro telescope. "

Jim's cold eyes narrowed slightly, and an evil cold light streaked across his eyes. "One of my specialties. Didn't you see it when we were shooting the bed scene that day?"

Before he finished his words, Eva's face turned red. Bastard Jim! How dare he take a forcible kiss as his specialty! Shame on him! Even if he was good at kissing, he was trained in a myriad of flowers. He could kiss any woman. He was so dirty.

"I forget dirty things so quickly." She said shyly and angrily.

"Do you need me to remind you again?" An evil smile swept across Jim's beautiful thin lips.

Eva was exasperated. She stamped her feet and jumped up from the chair. "Jim, don't push me too far!"

Jim looked calm and his tone was casual, as if he was not irritated by her at all. "Heaven pepper, you should change your impulsive personality, or you will suffer losses when you marry into the Xu family in the future."

Eva took a deep breath and tried her best to hold back her anger. "You've gone too far. I invited you to have some dessert out of kindness, but you talked nonsense. It's really unbearable."

"I'm sitting here still. How can I bully you?" Jim smiled evilly.

"Don't you want to..." Eva stopped. Didn't he want to force a kiss on her?

"what?" He pretended to be silly.

Biting her lips, Eva said, "you know it clearly. Why should I make it clear?" She couldn't say the last few words.

He raised the corners of his charming mouth and gave a mischievous smile. "I mean fighting. We had more than ten rounds that day, but you failed to defeat me with only one move."

'what? Eva was shocked and looked embarrassed.

It was so embarrassing that she misunderstood him!

Jim slightly leaned over and kept closer to her. "Heaven pepper, are you thinking about what happened in bed?"

"I... I didn't. I was thinking about the fight. " She said in a hurry, with a trace of panic in her heart, and her eyelids almost unconsciously pulled down to cover her guilty eyes.

"That's good. I did that just to enhance the effect of the play." Jim said lightly. He didn't know if he was explaining to the woman in front him or himself. That day, he really lost control. Seeing her stubborn and resolute appearance, he had an impulse to kiss her and forcibly conquer her.

"I know.copy right hot novel pub