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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 592 High Profile Confession Of Love

Zac took Essie to the hospital for a prenatal check-up and a physical examination. She recovered her memory very quickly and remembered a lot of things. Obviously, the drug in her body had entered the decline period and began to lose the effect of anesthesia on her memory.

Fortunately, this medicine would not go through the placenta, so it would not affect the baby in her belly.

Sitting in the car back, Essie looked out of the window, lost in thought.

"It seems that the research result of our enemy hasn't been successful. They can't completely erase the memory in our brain." She murmured to herself.

"When I find out the secret lab of that dead mouse, I will blow it up." Zac's eyes lit up.

"I'm wondering if my enemy has also injected my sister with this drug. But since the drug is in decline, why hasn't she regained her memory yet? Are they regularly injecting medicine into her? "

"Maybe that's the case, or maybe she doesn't have any memory at all." Zac snorted.

Since they could create Essie, maybe they could also create Alice. However, the person who had the plastic surgery could never be completely the same as the original owner. Although May looked like Essie, when she stood together with Essie, he could see the difference and flaw at a glance.

What they really wanted to use was human's mentality. They didn't want their loved ones to die, and they hoped that they were still alive. Under such psychological control, people would naturally lose their ability to distinguish, to doubt, nor to doubt their authenticity.

Essie was also trapped in such a psychological trap. She shook her head and didn't dare to think that her sister was fake. "She is my sister. She was just brainwashed and used by the enemy." She said firmly, as if trying to convince herself.

"Since you left, Valery and Alice have been competing openly and secretly for the position of deputy CEO." Said Zac in a low voice.

Essie shrugged. She knew that Baron took over the position of CEO after her accident. There were several vice presidents in Hengyuan group, and the executive vice president was only inferior to the president. Whoever could take the position would naturally become Baron's powerful assistant.

In her mind, neither Valery nor Alice was a good choice.

"I'm a little hungry. Let's ask Eva and Vinton out for dinner." She smiled.

Knowing what she meant, Zac turned the car around at the front intersection.

In a French restaurant on the city square, Eva and Vinton arrived soon. After the clarification, Eva felt refreshed and in a good mood.

"Eva, I heard that you are learning the Wing Chun form a master?"

With a little disappointment on her face, Eva pouted and said, "Yes. But I just don't know when I can defeat Jim."

Essie was a little nervous. How could the two not fight when they met?

After eating a piece of codfish, she smiled and looked at Vinton. She changed the topic, "brother, I heard that Alice and Valery are fighting for the position of vice president. Don't you want to fight for it for yourself?"

Vinton shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "I'm already the vice president. Why should I fight for it?"

"You are the vice president of human resources, not the executive vice president. The power of the executive vice president is only inferior to the president." Said Essie in a careless tone on purpose.

Vinton smiled, as if he didn't care about the difference at all. "I think their struggle is in vain. Now that you have almost recovered, you will go back sooner or later. You are the best assistant in daddy's heart.copy right hot novel pub