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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 587 Filming

"Valery, I haven't settled accounts with you yet. You'd better shut up, or I won't forgive you." Vinton stared at her angrily.

Valery was furious. Now that Baron was in charge the family, she was not afraid that he and Essie would gang up on her.

"Vinton, do you want to fight against us for her? I tell you, don't regret it. This woman didn't take you seriously at all. She had already been with Jim secretly. Recently, the paparazzi have frequently photographed her entering his lounge as soon as she took a break on the film set. You don't need to guess what they were doing inside. "

"Valery, don't sling mud at me. I don't care about your slander." Eva said calmly.

Of course, Vinton believed her. He had already known that she didn't get along well with Jim. Essie had also said that she and Jim had been enemies for three lifetimes. When they met, they would quarrel or fight. It was impossible for them to be together.

"Valery, I know what kind of person Eva is best. Don't try to sow dissension between us. I can let go of what happened yesterday temporarily, but if you dare to mess around again, I will pay you back in double. " Then he took Eva's hand and left. His Eva was hungry, so he didn't want to delay her breakfast.

Eva always ordered two double food, two cups of milk, two steamed dumplings, two deep fried dough sticks and then began to eat.

Wendy looked at them insidiously not far away. She had thought that Eva and Vinton eat them together, but later she found that they were all Eva's. She was shocked and widened her eyes.

"How could Vinton stand such a horrible woman?" She covered her mouth and said in shock. The most hateful thing was that she didn't gain weight even if she ate anything. She was still so bony. She was so lucky.

"Who knows? Maybe she is good at bed." Valery sneered.

A strong sense of jealousy swept over Wendy's eyes. It was all her uncle's fault. He made such a bastard to hurt her. Otherwise, she would have married Vinton.

After the weekend, Eva went back to Hengdian and continued to work.

Although she and Jim didn't like each other and couldn't reconcile their conflicts, they had different interests and couldn't be friends, they had one common point in the shooting. That was, they didn't shoot large-scale scenes, and only used a substitute for those involved.

But this time, Jim decided to act in person. Obviously, he was deliberately teasing her.

Everyone knew that if Jim act in person, he would never allow his partner to use a substitute for the person in the play. But Eva didn't buy it. She never bought it for anyone, especially her enemy, Jim. She really wanted to refuse, but the paparazzi had hyped it on the media and announced that the two were going to present the first kiss on the screen, which made her feel embarrassed to use a substitute.copy right hot novel pub