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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 586 He Was Still Alive

Essie sighed in a low voice. If she could figure out what had happened that night when she had lost her consciousness, everything would be clear.

She stood up and went to the dressing room. When she came out, she saw a tall figure standing at the end of the corridor. Her face looked particularly strange in the dark light. She looked at Essie with a very gloomy smile on her face.

"Eve!" Exclaimed Essie.

Eve waved at her, stiffened like a ghost, then turned around and walked outside. Essie followed her in a hurry and the two of them went to the deck behind the cruise ship.

"You are alive." Essie tried her best to control her tone.

"I'm a good swimmer. How could I die?" Eve could hold her breath in the water for twenty minutes. As soon as she jumped down, she ran away quickly.

"Why are you here?" Asked Essie.

"Of course I'm here for you, my lady." Eve stressed the two words "my lady" on purpose.

"I'm not your lady, and your master is dead." All of a sudden, Essie lowered her voice like the sea breeze passing by.

"Do you really want my master to die? Don't forget that you are still pregnant with his child?" A malicious and insidious look flashed across Eve's eyes.

Covering her belly unconsciously, Essie asked, "Eve, did you drug me in the milk on the night of the wedding?"

Eve was a little shocked. The fact that she had sex with her master would become her secret and she would never tell anyone until she died.

"No, I didn't. why should I drug you? It's the side effect of your medicine and you fainted. I called the master and he took you into the room." She said calmly.

Was it? Confused, Essie glanced at her and didn't know whether she should believe her or not. Usually, if she had a headache, Steven would let her go immediately. If she fainted because of the side effect of the medicine that day, how could he do that to her?

And when she woke up in the morning, there was nothing wrong with her body. It didn't look like she had have a sex. Then why did he say that to her? Did he lie to her in order to make her be with him wholeheartedly?

But on second thought, Essie recalled that he was very happy after knowing that she was pregnant. It seemed that he completely believed that she was pregnant with his baby. If he hadn't touched her that night, he would definitely know that the baby was not his and he would definitely not be happy.

The more she thought about it, the more confused she became. She always felt that there must be something wrong with it. She wanted to believe her own feelings. She didn't want to live with a dirty black dot in the rest of her life.

"Eve, Steven is dead. What are you going to do in the future?" Essie asked tentatively. Eve was loyal to Steven. If Steven didn't let Eve tell her about that, Eve wouldn't tell her.

"Let me tell you. My master is still alive. The one who was dead was his substitute."

"What?" There was a violent spasm all over Essie's body.

"Do you know how much my master loves you? He can do anything for you, including compromise to his enemy. No matter what he did to you, it was all because he loved you. He fell in love with you at the first sight. He has been looking for you for four years. He finally found you, but you married someone else. You betrayed on him, and you don't deserve him at all! " Eve's tone became cold.

Essie's mind was confused. She suddenly realized that Steven might just be a fake name, not his real name at all.

"Tell me, who is Steven? Did I know him before?"

"You can guess it yourself.copy right hot novel pub