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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 585 Sister's Trick

In C City, Vinton and Valery had just attended the opening ceremony of the Grand City.

This project was planned and managed by Vinton. He was very happy and hoped that Eva could celebrate for him. He didn't expect that Eva would say that she had something to do and couldn't come. He was very depressed.

After the celebration party, Valery took Wendy to the hotel room to look for him, and also brought a glass of rose red wine.

"This wine is produced in Rose Manor. We can drink it in the country thanks to Essie." Valery said with a smile. She poured two glasses of wine, one for Wendy and the other for her brother.

Vinton was a little surprised. His sister hated Essie so much that she hated everything Essie liked. He didn't expect that she would bring the wine Essie invested today.

"Sister, why don't you drink it?" Noticing that Valery didn't pour for herself, he asked casually.

"I caught a cold and took some medicine. It said that drinking is not allowed." Valery made an excuse that she wouldn't drink the wine that Essie liked.

She began to talk about their childhood, and then deliberately yawned, saying that she had taken the cold medicine and was a little sleepy. She went back to sleep and asked Wendy to accompany Vinton.

Not long after she left, Vinton suddenly felt an inexplicable heat all over his body. He turned the temperature in the room to the minimum, but the fire in his body was still spreading rapidly to his limbs and bones.

Wendy, who was sitting next to him, seemed to be the same. "It's so hot. Vinton, is the air conditioner broken?" She half closed her eyes, with a strange flush on her face. While wiping the sweat on her forehead, she began to unbutton her shirt.

"Damn Valery." Vinton seemed to have realized something. He jumped up from the sofa, rushed to the fridge and took out a bottle of ice water. He took a big gulp and poured the rest of it from his head, forcing himself to keep sober.

At this time, Wendy rushed over and hugged him. "Vinton, I'm so uncomfortable. Help me, help me quickly."

It was like adding fuel to the fire, making his dry and hot blood boil, and a terrible heat rushed to his head.

However, his sense still had the upper hand.

He grabbed Wendy's shoulder and pushed her away by instinct. She staggered a few steps back and fell to the ground because of overexertion.

"Vinton!" Wendy yelled as she wiggled on the ground.

He shook his head hard, trying to restrain the drug in his body. Then he walked over to take off his pajamas and wrapped her. "Wendy, you can't stay here. Go back to your room quickly." He helped her up and pushed her out desperately.

After closing the door, he was so angry that he punched the wall hard.

Damn it! Valery dared to drug him in the wine. When he recovered, he would definitely not spare her.

He rushed into the bathroom, opened the cold water and soaked it in to make himself comfortable.

The night was as dark as ink.

The night wind blew in through the curtain, like a woman's gentle fingers gently stroking his face.

He couldn't help thinking of Eva, her smile, her body, her breath...

Thinking of this, he seemed to really smell the charming fragrance of her hair, and her soft fingers on his shoulder. At the same time, the heat wave swept over his body again. He turned on the shower switch to calm himself down.

A crisp scream came along with the sound of water flowing.

He suddenly opened his eyes and saw Eva standing beside him. He was completely wet like a drowned rat.copy right hot novel pub